Systems Staff Meeting Notes 2/1/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 1, 1998

Present: Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Ying Tang
  1. With the addition of Everett Phillips to our staff this Friday, the Systems Department will be fully staffed by next week.
Review Minutes of 1/25/99
  1. Re: RIR #1, shelf units - Martha has agreed to redistribute shelf units - we'll no longer keep replacements on the shelf, just wait for repair.
Ad Hoc - Departmental Procedures
  1. Signing out - keep updates on PAULA current & accurate. Need to provide reasonably sufficient description as to where you are & when you will return.
  2. NT security - OCLC recently released CJK software. It only runs on NT. Looks like we may end up with NT sooner than we planned. We need NT security implemented immediately. NT work stations participate in Domains. Need to fine-tune permissions. All NT machines must be locked up when you leave the room. It is also strongly recommended that you close your Outlook session as well.
  3. Door into Preservation - do not use a matter of course, it should be locked at all times. Need to keep all security tight.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. HP5P in Special Collections (recently returned by Capitol Copy) says it has a paper jam but none can be found. It worked okay for a week after it came back. Problem needs to be diagnosed.
  2. Barcode scanners that we've received need to be programmed. Barcode resetting will be left up to the Liaisons. Allocation list has been submitted. Scott will program them, but Bobbie & Ashley need to learn how as well.
  1. Lots of chatter on the list regarding Outlook'95 & '98.
  1. FCLA - has been having trouble with their proxy server - when it's down, people will have to reconfigure their web browser to have access & then reconfigure it again when it is back. SP nodes are problematic causing Unix to be unstable.
  2. FCLA money has been received & we are now in a tailspin to spend it. We need to get an outline of all upcoming wiring projects (to be finished by June) to Martha by this Wednesday.
  3. Need to upgrade wiring closets to standards.
  4. Need to move Resource Services switch to the Comm closet.
  5. Need to add LIUs to AFA for 100MB upgrade.
  6. More fiber for East & MSL will be needed.
  7. BIOS passwords - it is becoming increasingly difficult for Systems to service equipment that is locked up by a BIOS password & there is no one around to unlock it. This needs to cease - we will work on it.
  8. Exchange Web Access - do not use it from here. It is java-enabled and optimized for long-distance. When exiting, a new user goes in with a local id & gets access to the last person's mailbox, not their own.
  9. Microsoft Support Contract ends in March or May - feel free to use tech support if you dare - although Bill's last experience with them was good - despite the amount of time left on hold.
  10. Server switch is complete, although there are still a few folders on NT7. We are at version 5.5 SP2. Backups are a dream - only takes an hour. Suzy is working on switching NT8.
Software Projects Status
  1. Mellon review meeting held last Friday. Richard Phillips part won't be ready until the end of February, maybe April. A librarian at Harvard will beta test it. Nelda will do the documentation. The second phase, CNP2 (Caribbean Newspaper Project) is in the works. Scanning will be done by robot with human review. Mellon is giving us more money than originally requested. CNP3 is already in discussion. Currently contains almost 400 CD's - they sell for $30-$90 each. So far there's been only three customers.
  2. ATC standalone - file print servers - Linux running SOMBA. It can give you drag & drop. Linux is cheaper & smaller. We will give it a try by June - one box per building. Hopefully, by this time next year if FCLA goes down & the building has power, the standalone should be able to give patrons access.
  3. Ying is working to finish up the Trouble Ticket Database. She will be working on the IR database (currently on Mac) next.
  4. Please notify Brian of any PAULA quirks - theoretically, it should be running without problems.
  5. LASSIE - Brian is breaking up components for each department using a general request module working through the web. Planning completion in February.
  6. We're still looking into SQL Server 7. We're limited to 16GB mail store - which has gone from 1GB to 3 GB. Right now we can't get it under our license.
  7. SELMA - it is currently a separate executable in the Systems File Folder, if you need it just create a shortcut. A new version is under construction.
  1. ALA will be Jan. 28 - Feb. 5 in Philadelphia, PA.
  2. Rich will be out to ALA Jan. 29 - Feb. 2.
  3. Everett Phillips starts as the new Computer Repair Tech this Friday, February 5.

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