Systems Staff Meeting Notes 1/25/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
January 25, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Ying Tang
Review Minutes of 01/11/99
  1. Announcements #1 - our new computer repair tech, Everett Phillips, starts 2/5/99.
  2. RIR #1 - distribution list was received, all computers have been distributed - except the one for Systems.
  3. Liaisons #1 - Picture.exe virus has been taken care of.
  4. Networking #1 - fiber cut fixed.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Shelf Units - discussion on whether staff want instantaneous replacement of malfunctioning machines with shelf units or would they rather wait the 2 to 3 days for parts replacement and not have to reinstall everything on to a new computer. General consensus is that people would rather wait for parts. Warranties are running out on the original shipment of Gateways.
  2. Many staff members need bigger hard drives & larger, faster machines. Access is poorly written - it completely takes over the whole computer, even when the machine has a new hard drive & upgraded memory. It may be necessary to have an individually assigned machine for using Access only. We may try it on faster machines to see how it responds. We will be installing new hard drives all year as a cheap fix to problematic machines.
  3. Rumor has it that memory prices are getting ready to go through the roof. It's hard to keep in stock because of machine upgrades. We'll be watching the industry to see where it goes.
  4. FCLA money finally came in last Thursday. Consequently, everyone wants to use up the money. We have no storage space, so we're unable to order in large quantities. We will be ordering networking gear - but much of it has changed so we'll have to revamp our networking projects. It will be a busy spring - get ready for it to start within the next two weeks.
  1. Talk of training program with lecturers, certification & outside vendors. Unsure of the shape the program would actually take on.
  2. "Super" Liaisons - with A+ certification. Would be expensive - probably could only manage one per building. That would be 5 or 6 total, UF would pay for it, credentials would be very marketable - but Trudi is skeptical of the money meeting with approval.
  3. Virus situation - Ashley spoke with the liaisons on Thursday about the macro virus situation. NT2 now has active virus scanning. Email scanning may not be as efficient. Virus scan will slow down the machines, especially the older ones.
  1. There was a brief net outage this morning. Standard problems - people were unable to get off campus.
  2. Mail server software upgrade went fine, except the web interface. We are working to get it up. The backups will be faster - one tape takes about 45 minutes. Archive size is now 3.5 Gig. Overall, it should be easier to handle. The processing load is well below 10%.
  3. NTAC - general security issues discussed, more reports of outsiders using UF sites to make attacks. We are working to improve our response to that type of problem.
Software Projects Status
  1. PAULA - completely OOP oriented, everything is now on the server. Nothing is hard-coded. Will probably break PAULA & SELMA up due to the probability of campus-wide use.
  2. Scott has warned that our NT machines are accessible through the Network because of the permissions. NT work stations as part of the domain can be accessed by the domain administrator. Permissions can be set on local work stations to lock out the domain administrator. The administrative account can be set up locally on the machines. Passwords must be recorded in the cabinet, as the state should always have access.
DP Coordinator
  1. Compustat tapes - after speaking with Peter McKay, we've decided to try an EBCDIC cartridge as a test to make sure we can copy. We will hold on to the problem tapes as evidence until we are able to get a good copy of the complete set of 1998 Compustat tapes.
  1. Winston will be out Jan. 25-29.
  2. Debra will be out the afternoon of Jan. 25.
  3. Suzy will be out Jan. 26 all day at a Microsoft sales presentation - "The Big Day".
  4. Bill Covey out Friday, Jan. 29.
  5. ALA will be Jan. 28 - Feb. 5 in Philadelphia, PA.
  6. Rich will be out to ALA Jan. 29 - Feb. 2.

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