Systems Staff Meeting Notes 11/30/98

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
November 30, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw

  1. Bill has been looking for a new Systems Christmas tree - he finds that the new ones are as pathetic as the old one we have. Will keep looking this week.
  2. Suzy got a new toy for her birthday: a digital camera!
  3. There's a hole in the wall at the bottom of Criser Hall this morning. Apparently a fugitive car chase ended when the vehicle went airborne and landed into the brick wall of Criser.
  4. Facilities is now printing business cards for staff. Be precise on your layout if you submit a request.
Review Minutes of 11/16/98
  1. Software #3 - OPAC, not OPEC.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Incorrect memory chip order to be fixed this week - we received one chip instead of eight.
  2. Martha has announced that if we have not received the FCLA money by the end of this week, we'll go ahead and order anyway. We will make small orders of Cows - 12 to 15 at a time - due to storage restrictions.
  3. Systems storage will move to the old Capitol Copy area, as Collection Management has a project scheduled for the area behind the curtain.
  4. New machines will come with Windows '98. We will work to convert the staff machines one by one. We were considering going to NT, but Windows '98 looks more stable and easier to maintain. We will get a Win'98 Resource Kit and conversions will be done in small clusters.
  5. Public machines - will eventually convert to Windows '98, after completion of staff conversion. We want to get the liaisons familiar with the process on the staff machines first.
  6. CISCO switch replacement for Library East should be received today. Hopefully the correct version of the software will be shipped. It should help with the mail hang-ups that have been occurring in Special Collections, Resource Services and Preservation.
  1. Marvin forwarded a "how to" on the Xerox pop-up to Bill. Debra will put it out on the 'Liaison Confidential' section of our web page.
  1. New web server is up & alive - Smathers NT8 - will go by the alias, "web". Suzy is working on permissions and creating folders to duplicate everything on Caroline. People will be able to see their folder on Caroline and use drag-n-drop to update. Forms-to-mail ought to be easy to do, but we'll leave them up on Caroline a bit longer. FrontPage extensions will be added. Winston notes this could be a fix for the Special Collections form editing problem on Caroline.
  2. The problems we were having with lists managed at NERDC should be fixed now.
Software Projects Status
  1. We have received the real version of Rubicon now - it is being used for the Mellon database.
  2. Bill is inquiring if anyone knows of a CD burning project in Maps. Apparently Mil has placed an order for precise brands of media - for 60 CD's. Debra notes that Maps has allowed patrons to take SPOT tapes to NERDC and have them burn CD's for them there.
DP Coordinator
  1. Mill has just requested that 4 more SPOT tapes be recopied.
  2. Students - last day of classes is next Thursday, December 11. Finals week will follow: December 14-18. Students will begin to leave that week.
  3. Compustat - yearly tapes are still at NERDC. Debra keeps trying to contact Sharon Wheeler, but she has been out on vacation or sick. Jim Arnette says that they are awaiting information from Compustat to inform them on how to reformat the tapes. Need to contact Peter McKay to have the order fixed - it is not being received in an IBM compatible format.
  1. Rich out December 21-28, back December 29.
  2. Debra out December 22-28, back December 29.
  3. Bill out December 21-31, back January 4.
  4. Bobbie out December 24.
  5. Winston out December 29.

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