Systems Staff Meeting Notes 11/02/98

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
November 2, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw

Review Minutes of 10/26/98
  1. No more calls received concerning the WAZU virus.
  2. The strange email sent to Paige had been forwarded to him from a list. It was a subset of a telnet stream.
  1. Positions - The position description for Lee's former occupation has been resubmitted once again. We are trying to get it to read the same as Bobbie Meng's position description. We've have submitted it before, there seems to be a black hole at University Personnel, as the position is still hung up.
  2. Bill is still trying to get Winston authorized to look at the Dean's Menu so he can peruse the candidates for the Programmer position. Two individuals have been contacted to set interviews. Erika from Personnel has said she can advertise the position in the paper if need be.
  3. Network Coordinator position - the committee interviewing has really slowed down the hiring process. The recommendation was supposed to go in Thursday - Friday many of the necessary decision-making people were out - the offer still has yet to be made.
Ongoing Systems Update

  1. Public printing problems in Documents - there is an error in the ITC software. Patrons have been getting charged for multiple copies, but it only prints out one. Xerox has added a new pop-up on local machines which seems to be the cause of the problem.
  2. Mail filter leaks - need to make adjustments, add more mail service providers to the list. If anyone discovers mail getting through, they need to disclose the address to Systems.
  3. Network Administration tighten up - break-ins have been reported in the Statistics & Math departments. A UNIX box sniffed everything - stole passwords & user id's. One solution that has been suggested is that no permanent employees can be a Network Administrator. NTAC will keep their heads down until a serious proposal is suggested.
  4. APACHE proxy server - FCLA will implement usage. USF has used a proxy server to access remote databases. They authenticate through a library card. This USF model doesn't work for FCLA. It runs an applet which checks a list and reduces Web traffic on the proxy server. USF uses proprietary Netscape - FCLA felt it couldn't be modified to fit their needs. Bill feels there will be mammoth network traffic delays. If people report Web browser problems, we need to check to see if they are using the proxy server. The solution to the bottleneck will be to reconfigure the browser, which people won't want to do. Rich notes that the implementation of proxy server is not imminent - at the last FCLA meeting it was determined that it probably won't be ready until the Spring.
  5. New mail server - in order to get it up, the current mail server will have to be taken down. Bill is currently working out how this will proceed, will have to wait another week.
  6. Resource Services - wiring project forthcoming - need to run new cable into the offices.
  7. Resource Services is having telephone problems - both 2-0355 & 2-0351 end up at Laydene's desk.
  8. CORE failures last week were almost all the ATM & IBM switches. There could be a possible memory leak. May need to reboot more often. Current maintenance windows are Sunday & Tuesday 5AM-7AM. There is a proposal to add Thursday. LUIS & WebLuis come down on Thursday morning. Notification procedures are difficult to define, are currently being discussed.
Software Projects Status
  1. Mellon Meeting today - hopefully to close the project.
  2. ILL - conversion not yet complete, current deadline set for the end of the year.
  3. Personnel - prototype has been delivered, Erika is unhappy with the interface. Winston is currently working on it.
  4. LASSIE - Barbara, Marie & Resource Services have been inputting, practicing.
  5. Timer software - is complete. John Ashcraft is pleased with it. It gives the user 12 minutes to do email, 2 minutes to log off. It puts up an annoying window - you can't use other applications unless you close email. Brian is trying to make it utilize the DOS beep - to make it annoying to others around the work area. Bill suggests that CTL-G to the console should do it. You have to send it to the System console. It is a good general scheme, but Winston would eventually like to look for another. It's potential flaw is telnet.
  6. Special Collections - Winston & Brian met with Susan & John about how much security & funding they have available. They deal with non-UF people - may create a photo id for each person - Brian spoke with Bob Harrell at GatorOne. Rich points out there could be a legal issue with the state confidentiality law. What they want to do is track the requesters using an easier method than the one they use now. Winston notes an Excel spreadsheet could handle the way they currently keep track.
  7. PAULA - 2 new features were added: a 3 second refresher - which didn't work so well on the SQL server 6.5 - made too many hits to the server - broadcast updates might work, and an automatic shut off after you drag a name to 'gone'. Problems with that include that it doesn't update unless the machine is completely shut down and occasionally we may ask a student to put us 'gone' - and it would shut down their PAULA session. As far as PAULA going library-wide, we could use Exchange in LDAP tree or the Personnel database.
DP Coordinator
  1. Yearly Compustat tapes - Sharon Wheeler at NERDC is currently trying to read them - she is awaiting a return call from Compustat.
  2. Map Library - Mil has informed Debra that they are very interested in converting the SPOT tapes to CD's - this would help to reduce the space in the Tape Library, were we plan on eventually putting a server farm. Would probably have to download the tapes to a server and have Erich in Preservation burn the CD's. Some of the subscriptions we receive may be able to be purchased on different media.
  3. Frank Orser had a request for a Political Science tape - Debra is currently trying to track it down - need more information.
  1. November 11 - Veteran's Day Holiday.
  2. Brian out November 20 - 25.
  3. Thanksgiving Holiday - November 26-27.

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