Systems Staff Meeting Notes 10/05/98

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
October 5, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw

Review Minutes of 9/28/98
  1. Ad Hoc #1 - Systems, not NERDC or FCLA will maintain the website for the SUS Library Technoid Meetings. The next meeting will be held at FCLA, hosted by FCLA and NERDC.
  1. ITSA turned out to be not as informative as originally perceived. The IBM presentation was downright embarrassing - took 20 minutes to get it started, & it basically consisted of commercials for their E-Business. Winston heard that the Gartner Group presentation at the end of the day was one of the best. Bill notes that they are good at presenting the current computer situation, but not the future. The police presentation was their standard crime prevention information, while CIRCA pounded on password security. An outside consultant from ISS Software - who is considered to be a heavy-weight in the security industry - predominantly threw out T-Shirts to the crowd. Overall, it was intended to appeal to the lowest common denominator of computer literacy.
  2. Systems Positions: Network Coordinator - Barbara Oliver was out on Friday, so Winston did the last phone interview by himself. The candidate seemed a little weak, the other two people on the short list withdrew.
    Computer Programmer - Winston interviewed the two candidates from UF, both were very lacking. An outside candidate just accepted a job at Tigert. Winston is currently waiting on more resumes. Computer Repair Technician - Lee's old position has been made comparable to Bobbie's. It should be posted soon.
    New Position - "Web Monkey" - We will have a new position available in Systems - a tech to work on web sites, help out with the UF web page. It will be an A&P position, reporting to Martha Hruska. There may be body space for the position on the 3rd floor East - room 310. There is room for two people. A librarian may go as well. There is no network wiring up there at the moment. This location may come to pass, but it is not definite.
  3. Brian Burton successfully tested for his black belt in karate last Friday. Brian has approached Winston about leading a Stretch & Exercise Class from 7:00-7:30 AM for the Library staff. Winston checked with Dale & she has approved the use of Room 100 for this purpose. Get ready to sweat - starting this month!
Ad Hoc
  1. WebLUIS Trouble Handling Procedures - Rich has devised a set of procedures to follow when WebLUIS/LUIS/NOTIS "system down" reports come in and he is not available to handle the problem. We had an inadvertent run-through this morning, discovered that it isn't possible to check FCLLIST for status information through the web if the system is down. The solution will be to put a folder out on Exchange that contains the FCLLIST - it will be accessible to everyone in the Library. Rich will notify people of the general procedures & folder location.
    When major outages are reported, Bill should be contacted. The NERDC status system is often slow in being updated - we should try to bring up a session here before calling NERDC. We need to call other Libraries to determine if the problem is occurring there as well. We need to troubleshoot to determine if it is our problem before calling NERDC.
    Problems that were reported this weekend did not appear to be network problems. FCLA is using the same ATM links as the rest of campus - WebLUIS has been flaky for quite awhile - Bill will attend a meeting on Oct. 12 that will address this problem. NERDC wants to find the bug & squash it.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. An order went out Friday for 4 GIS work stations for Maps. They are high-end machines - huge monitors, lots of memory - will displace the old machines over there that will go off the shelf.
  2. Martha Hruska is working on a FCLA $ spending plan. Bill has supplied several suggestions - we'll be putting out a massive order soon.
  1. Walk-Ups, Room 100 East - may be ready this week. It just has not been made to work yet, we're unsure as to why. NERDC is working on it.
  2. Filtering for Library West - moved to Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 6:00 AM. Xerox needs to fix some of their printing.
  3. Last minute mapping in Documents divulged some home-brewed wiring - this needs to be revised.
DP Coordinator
  1. Debra telephoned Compustat, returned the yearly shipment of tapes that were received in the wrong format. We currently await the replacement tapes.
  1. Brian Burton is out today.
  2. Rich will be out this afternoon.
  3. Bobbie leaves early tomorrow, Oct. 6.
  4. Bill & Suzy will be out in the afternoon on Monday, Oct.12 and the morning of Tuesday, Oct. 13.
  5. Winston will be out on October 15 - to Jacksonville - SQL server 7.0 seminar.
  6. Bill & Suzy will be out Oct.19 - 23 to the InterOP conference in Atlanta.
  7. Suzy will be out Oct. 26 & 27.

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