Systems Staff Meeting Notes 9/28/98

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
September 28, 1998

Present: Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw

Review Minutes of 9/21/98
  1. NERDC did the security scans on networks that were requested by the VP's - but they did not notify the personnel - which caused flack on several lists. The topic was discussed at NTAC to determine if DP personnel should be notified. Net Managers is where NERDC's responsibility begins & ends.
  2. Bill was unable to get clarification on the ergonomic evaluation policy, so he is going to go ahead and order all of the trackballs & keyboards that have been put on hold. We'll have to wait & see if the orders go through after they leave Systems.
  1. Bobbie's daughter, Christy, was married on horseback this past weekend. Her 2 1/2 year-old grand-daughter, Chelsie, placed 1st in one of her horseback-riding functions.
  2. ITSA Day - October 1st at the Reitz Union - will preempt the Middle Managers & Liaison Meetings.
  3. Positions in Systems:
    Network Coordinator - Winston & Barbara have gone through all of the resumes and there are five people that Tom Cetwinski will contact to see if they are interested. Hope to get three responses this week & invite them for interviews.
    Programmer Analyst - The pool consists of 22 people, two of them are in-house candidates. Eleven will be contacted by Tom to submit resumes, 2-3 of them look promising.
    Lee's old position - description is currently being revised.
Ad Hoc
  1. SUS Library Technoid Meeting in Orlando - membership consists of the systems department heads from the libraries in SUS - FAMU & Florida Gulf Coast were unable to attend due to the hurricane. The purpose is to provide technical advice to SUS directors. One of the topics discussed was how to find, hire & keep employees - even students are being hired away to private industry in Orlando. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Systems departments within SUS to hire employees. The meeting will be here next month, FCLA & NERDC together will host the website.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. The PO has been canceled on the Compaq server. They have never received the memory or disk drives. They would not guarantee to hold the other parts, they would partially ship & we'd have to build. We will go with Dell instead. The monitor we've received will have to be returned.
  2. The mail upgrade will have to wait until the new mail server is in place. It will be 54 Gig online, and have 45 useable Gig - all hot plug. Dell won't configure with redundant power supplies. It will take the place of Smathers NT2 - may want to split the SQL stuff off - the current NT2 is near the end of its life.
  3. MSL picked up their cables.
  1. CORE outage occurred last week - Catalyst 5500 - had a hardware & software problem. Two software bugs took down the entire campus. A new code was installed on Sunday to fix the problem.
  2. Should be rid of dumb terminals by the end of the year.
  3. Switch 223.2 in Room 200 (Acquisitions) is now responsive. It had been dropping out & had forgotten IP's. Both the IP's & passwords were reconfigured. This switch may be a candidate for replacement.
  4. MSL - Info Swamp II is about half installed, should be finished sometime this week.
  5. Calls have been increasing about no sign-on's on Smathers. We are unable to increase 3.11 past 250 sessions. If we go to 5.0, we can increases sessions. Frequent scans, cleaning it out is about all that we can do right now.
  6. Walk-Ups in Room 100 - switches should be in tomorrow. They will be set up with no authentication. Patrons will configure their machines to use DHCP - a private IP that can't be routed outside campus without NAT. FCLA routers should be able to do NAT. When authentication is in place, only the sign-ons will change.
  7. We will try to install the mail filtering for Library West this coming Sunday. We've had a couple of weeks to determine the success of it in MSL, will now try West.
  8. Not much more fiber necessary for Library East or MSL.
Software Projects Status
  1. Winston has been working on sporadic problems with Evelyn & Erika in Personnel.
  2. Winston will attend a class on the SQL server 7.0 on October 15 in Jacksonville.
  3. Brian is working on LASSIE - the security part & LUIS number searching.
DP Coordinator
  1. The yearly shipment of Compustat tapes arrived in the wrong format. Debra will return all 20 and await the replacement shipment.
  2. Received more OCLC tapes, Rich will take them to FCLA.
  3. The telephone extensions for Preservation are now posted on the Systems web page.
  1. ITSA - October 1st at the Reitz Union 8AM-5PM.
  2. Brian Burton out October 2 & 5.
  3. Winston Harris out October 15 - Jacksonville.
  4. Bill & Suzy out Oct.19-23 - InterOP, Atlanta.

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