Systems Staff Meeting Notes 8/31/98

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
August 31, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Sharon Henry, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Leota Whitfield

  1. The Network Coordinator position was listed in the paper on Sunday - along with the Access Services Coordinator.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Centurion Guards require an additional floppy cable. 50 floppy cables have been received - 20 delivered to MSL. Gateway - has one hitch in their policies - they no longer support 2 floppies in one machine. Centurion says it will work, regardless. 200 Centurion Guards have been ordered, 70 are enroute. The rest are being manufactured.
  2. Replacement hard drive for Carol Turner's machine is in - it was not an exact model. Lee found that precise model in a machine in MSL. Carol's hard drive had crashed with no backups - they were in a recovery panic & took the machine to Mark Bergeron at the Law Library. He will try to swap the electronics.
  3. Late Friday afternoon, Helen Jane's InBox was erased. To restore it is a major project. Library Office will decide whether or not they will do it.
  4. Resource Services has been experiencing freeze-ups on their work stations.
  5. Xerox could not access mail for 3 days - but was able to get in this morning.
  6. Scott Olipra is currently researching whether it would be feasible to network label printers.
  1. NTAC - NERDC peer review for Network changes established.
  2. Filter for MSL mail will be put in place this week on the switch. It will restrict mail access at designated public work stations to prevent Web email. CLAS is going to filter. We may have to make choices.
  3. Fiber project in East will be started this week.
  4. CORE router going in Criser.
  5. Tigert is paying for fiber runs for the walk-up classroom in Room 100.
  6. Digital will be doing the table wiring in MSL.
  7. Color LaserWriter supplies - we will monitor time & surcharges to see if we should just order them ourselves.
Software Projects Status
  1. ILL - wanting to integrate borrowing with automatic mail requests.
  2. Brian's LASSIE demo had 12-15 in attendance - argued a lot, but it was all good.
  3. Sharon is working on data transferred from Mac-based systems in Personnel. She is close to ready to do a demo. Sharon had difficulty getting Erika to return her calls - seems to be a communication problem. Winston spoke to Tom and their status report reflected a bad rap for Systems. Consequently, Tom is leery of the Permanent Employee conversion. The new system will give many more options & has enhancements.
  4. Personnel has requested 2 copies of PageMaker.
  5. Student Patron Update - no response from FCLA, had to do second update using the old code. FCLA can massage the data rather having us change the code.
  6. The Employee Update runs on the 15th, can change the code to 6 month expiration rather than a year. Sharon adjusted her code & had to recompile all the code back to the old version.
  1. Lee & Winston out Tuesday, Sept. 1.
  2. Labor Day is Monday, Sept. 6.
  3. Sharon out Tuesday, Sept 7.
  4. Lee gone for good Sept. 17 or 18.
  5. Rich out Sept. 23 & 24 to Tallahassee.

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