Systems Staff Meeting Notes 7/20/98

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
July 20, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Leota Whitfield

  1. Winston slaughtered his first large animal over the weekend.
  2. Rich rode on a wheeled Olympic bobsled in Lake Placid, NY on his vacation.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. 46 Cows have been received. They are stacked to the ceiling behind the curtain, there's no room to work on checking them in. MSL needs to pick up their 20 that are already logged in & that should allow for working space. Contact at MSL will be John Ashcraft's student, Matt, while John is on vacation for a week.
  2. Lee found the papers confirming that the Epson printers behind the curtain are allocated to MSL.
  3. Suzy is bringing up an NT server to test using it as a web server. The server she choose was in Destry's office, turned out it had HarpWeek on it. Web access seems best for HarpWeek, will need to involve Shelley Arden in making the decision to bring it back up. Lee notes that one new server is behind the curtain. May bring that up as NT and put ChemAbs on it.
  4. There are 4 Okidatas behind the curtain: 1 for Reference, 1 for Documents, 1 for shelf unit.
  5. Will put an HP printer in Resource Services to replace the Select 360.
  1. Liaisons are suffering with the public printing problems.
  1. Public printing shifted from NT to Novell. Coincidentally, we are experiencing hideous network slowdowns which seem to have started at the time of public printing & the switch installations. Carole Bird sent Bill an email this AM stating that the net was not slow until she turned on the print server. Will need to investigate.
  2. Worked with Microsoft on a corrupted Wins database - had them rebuild. Could have configured individual workstations for Wins - but this was not an acceptable solution.
  3. Email problems: Bill has found a fix to clear the network cache: nbtstat -R typed at the command line. Then reboot the machine.
  4. Suzanne Brown had problems trying to change her password, this fix didn't work & Suzy had to change it on the server.
  5. Russ' email puts a period after every word & runs spellcheck. He's using WORD as the editor & it's showing hidden characters. The solution is to turn WORD off as the email editor, just use the Outlook default.
  6. No word from CISCO on IP management or router return instructions. Tim Wall will divide up the trade-in price & apply it to the switches.
  7. MSL - latest word on the furniture is about mid-August.
  8. Walk-up workstations will be installed in room 100 East - about 48 with direct feed, since they will not have authentication. Will need to move the fiber feed on the 2nd floor to the 1st floor, new fiber from the outside to the 1st floor, 1st floor feed to the 2nd floor & the feed for the 48.
  9. Need to run more fiber in MSL & AFA.
Software Projects Status
  1. Sharon & Winston worked on the persistent problems with Personnel. Evelyn should be okay, Sharon is working on the permanent side now.
  2. ATC Standalone - Winston called Mark Hinnebush, he referred Winston to Don Frick. 1 Gig of data - in DB2 tables - their flat file is going away soon. October '99 will bring the demise of NERVM - NERDC will reduce TSO charges to offset. Don thinks it can be done with ODBC Optical 550-600M. Single tables do not contain all the ATC - will require joins.
  3. LASSIE - Brian is meeting today with Marie Kennedy & Barbara Oliver to set up order & receipt forms. He also has a payment distribution bug on it that he needs to fix. It is set up with individual security on the SQL server. SQL 7.0 should be out soon.
  4. Next phase will be to help Carolyn with licensing & Rich with IP correlating with licenses. Bill suggests making this a completely open table.
  5. John Ashcraft is out this week - timer software is on hold.
  6. PAULA - Brian to work on a field signifying who will be taking trouble calls in Debra's absence.
DP Coordinator
  1. July 27-30 is the last week of Summer B. Finals start July 31, run until August 7.
  2. Two week break August 10 - 21.
  3. Students return for Fall starting August 24. May be sporadic that first week.
  1. Sharon is out sick today.
  2. Winston out July 27-30, maybe 31st.
  3. Debra out July 31, AM August 3.
  4. Lee out August 17-18.
  5. Lee out Sept. 17-30

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