Systems Staff Meeting Notes 6/15/98

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
June 15, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Sharon Henry, Suzy Shaw, Leota Whitfield

Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Year-End Buying - another slew of memory has been ordered - $2500 worth.
  2. Total number of Cows to be ordered is uncertain - could be more or less than 40. Twelve will come with Zip drives installed. These are to be used as replacements for staff Mac or dumb terminal usage.
  3. We have added some low-end Cows ("calves") that cost $1000 with 15" monitors. Six have been ordered for the public area. Will come with floppy drives for the Centurion Guard.
  4. Ordering - destination of many of the most recent orders is unknown. Lee should receive a cover letter & spreadsheet on all orders.
  5. We received a big color laser printer last Friday. Destination unknown, Rob Roberts was trying to claim it for their print shop, but that is not the case. It is very large, took 4 people to unload.
  1. CORE networking problems - between Shands and our end over the weekend.
  2. Upcoming Xerox Printing Project - setup slated for next week. They will start with the Education Library, then MSL & West. They have decided to add a server to our domain. A walk-through of the route & check of the areas was performed last Thursday. The plan is to put out one printer for every 10 work stations. There will be more total printers then we had before. Speed of printing should be faster. Xerox will purchase Cows to be set up as print release stations. These will administer the print queues. The patron will need to slide their card through then pick out their print jobs waiting in the queue. If jobs are left, they will expire after a certain amount of time in the queue. Each printer is an individual network device - if one printer goes down, it should not effect the others. There will be 3 print release stations in West & MSL, 1 each for AFA & Documents and 1 or 2 for Education. Journalism & Maps are not on the list. Gary Cornwell has the hard copy of the exact arrangements. They will only need to use 4 of our printers, we should be getting about 12 returned to us - we will recycle them for staff use. The servers they will use are compacts - no capacity problems. They will be housed here in Systems. Xerox will be responsible for maintaining the printers - they are programmed to dispatch themselves. Systems will provide a place for them to hook up and IP addresses to use. Need IP's a week from today. There are some devices in MSL that are currently on thinnet. John Ashcraft is checking on live ethernet in that building, will try to switch them to twisted pair, but it shouldn't effect the printing either way.
  3. Preservation wiring project - Bill thinks the bid will be awarded this week. Project should begin soon - by July 4 - and should be done by the end of the summer.
  4. The LPO for Lowe's is closed out for the fiscal year end.
  5. Furniture for MSL - no delivery date yet. Rich mentions there is a problem with one piece of the wall that is too short, the company has been contacted. The final phase can't be started until the wall & furniture is in place.
  6. Switch is scheduled for MSL this Thursday, June 18. IP's won't change there - only in AFA & Music.
  7. Delays - expect some delays at work stations trying to get on to the Smathers CD ROM server. If people report this problem, tell them to try again, staggering the sign-ons.
Software Projects Status
  1. ILL migration to SQL server is halfway done.
  2. Sharon was pulled back on to OPS - she should have the new version installed in Personnel tomorrow and get back to the permanent side this week.
  3. Dissertation on Mellon Project scheduled for Sunday, July 12 with an out-of-state bigwig in the Mellon organization.
  4. Brian is still negotiating with John Ashcraft on the timer software.
DP Coordinator
  1. Debra has hired a new student, Robert Costa, to take Rebecca's place for the Summer B term.
  2. Next week, June 22-26 is the interim break between Summer A & B terms.
  1. Bobbie out June 8 - 19.
  2. Debra out half day June 16, all day June 17.
  3. Winston out June 15-24.
  4. ALA in Washington, D.C. is June 24 - 30.
  5. Rich will be gone to ALA/vacation June 24-July 15.
  6. Winston out July 2.
  7. Independence Day observed July 3.
  8. Brian and Lee will be out July 6.
  9. Debra out July 7 - 10.
  10. Bobbie out July 13 - 17
  11. Brian out July 16 & 17.
  12. Lee out Sept. 17-30.

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