Systems Staff Meeting Notes 5/18/98

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
May 18, 1998

Present: Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Parker, Suzy Shaw, Leota Whitfield

Review Minutes of 5/11/98
  1. Re: voice mail - should know about the funding by June 15. If it isn’t feasible in this fiscal year, it should be in the next.
  1. Destry’s letter of resignation should be forthcoming, somewhere between June 15-30, probably will be effective as of July 1.
  2. Bill has canceled his attendance at the NT conference, Winston will go solo.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Year-end purchasing: spent $1000 on software at the Bookstore on Friday.
  2. More Cows incoming: 25-30 likely. 20 are allocated for MSL’s Info Swamp, others for Preservation.
  3. Lee needs a distribution list for printers - Autocad type go to Facilities - but, cables will be a problem.
  4. SIMMS shipment incoming - will bring all staff machines up to 32M. We are ordering all 16M chips - 4M chip machines will go to 40M - there’s no real use for 4M chips. The 8M chips will be recycled.
  5. Control Unit LB40 is out of West.
  1. Meeting scheduled for this week.
  2. Liaisons are experiencing various agonies with the Office’97 & memory installs.
  1. One evening over the weekend SNA access was lost in West - it was a campus problem outside the building and soon returned to normal.
  2. Education & West installations are on schedule to occur tomorrow. Switch and cables will be taken over to Education today. IP’s will be reassigned in Education, West will change gateway & subnet masks only. NERDC will have a dedicated router to handle the addressing. NT6 server address will have to be changed in the AM.
  3. There was an electrical outage in Norman Hall over the weekend. There were some problems printing after the power was restored, but it soon recovered.
  4. If the switch is successful tomorrow, Library East will follow next week.
  5. There has been a fair amount of trouble with passwords - we’re taking each case one at a time. Need to make sure that passwords are 6 characters or longer and that there is no recycling of past words, as the system retains a history of them. Windows’95 has a cache problem which sometimes adds to the malfunction.
  6. The wall is up in MSL for the Info Swamp. Still waiting on furniture. Public printing undecided.
  7. Preservation - UPS has been ordered - license is ready, will coordinate a meeting with Andy Holcey.
  8. NT upgrade - maybe in another year. We may move the switch to the 2nd floor closet in East when the router gets moved.
Software Projects Status
  1. The latest shipment of Cows came with Win95 only. Staff can download Office’97. We will not stock as much software. Hopefully, money will be there to continue purchasing throughout the year.
  2. Facilities - Mr. Roberts wants to automate their inventory. We’ll try to do it with an off the shelf product. He would prefer barcode scanning. Most scanners do not have the software to handle it. We will try using a pre-packaged software with walk around capabilities via a laptop.
  3. Quickbooks for Library Office should be in today, it has an inventory package included. Facilities will look at the report samples.
  4. Printshop - color printers are being set up for Library Office. They do a lot of public service handouts & Stacy Marsh has lots of projects which require color printing. There are a broad spectrum of needs to be met.
DP Coordinator
  1. Scott Olipra’s hours will be 2:30-4:30 M-F.
  1. Memorial Day observed May 25.
  2. Brian out May 26.
  3. Bobbie out June 8 - 19.
  4. Debra out half day June 16, all day June 17.
  5. Winston out June 15-24.
  6. Independence Day observed July 3.
  7. Debra out July 7 - 10.
  8. Bobbie out July 13 - 17
  9. Brian out July 16 & 17.

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