Systems Staff Meeting Notes 12/15/97

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
December 15, 1997

Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Winston Harris, Bobbie Parker, Suzy Shaw, Leota Whitfield

Review of Minutes of 08 December
  1. No changes.
  1. Holiday Party on Wednesday.
  2. John Humphrey has scheduled "scanning" of missed inventory items on December 24. The items are on a book truck in the hall. Two of the items are on a list to be surveyed. One exception to the location of the items is a Conner tape drive which can be found behind the door in Room 16.
  3. Students will be clearing out for the Holidays. Be sure to lock the office if no one is around and you leave our area.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Old software coming back - manuals. Lee is checking it in. All Mac stuff may be offered to Iona (she picked up her book truck of stuff on Friday PM). Old Zenith stuff, 5150's software, XT & below can be trashed.
  1. Mail migration, passwords on VM are expiring.
  2. Marvin will be instructing on MS Exchange - using the alias R2D2, CuteRobot or Robot,Cute. If you receive any mail from those userids, please disregard.
  1. Core - IBM & CISCO will extend all offers. Seven CISCO 5500 level switches are ordered, IBM ATM. CISCO will provide the classroom.
  2. Our switch order should be placed this week. Will put switches in the branches, can use a lower end switch.
  3. Latest cut of network workstations in MSL on NT5.
  4. Special Collections wiring - start today.
  5. Purchase order for LAC networking has been received.
  6. CISCO baby web server being moved out of Special Collections - will have to reflash the system memory - Suzy will handle this for them.
  7. Education still ongoing - hassle with parts order.
  1. Application sharing - installed and given to the liaisons. People have probably installed the complete software packet during the download. If so, they will be in violation of the site license.
  2. Resource Services submitting ideas for OPS tracker.
  3. Eight FCLA people were by to look at the spine label printer program. Winston gave them a copy of the software.
  1. Destry out 12-17 December.
  2. Sharon & Debra out today.
  3. Lee out Christmas week.
  4. Bill out Christmas week and New Years week (starting the 22nd and ending the 4th).
  5. Winston & Bobbie out 24 December.
  6. Destry and Sharon out 26 December.
  7. Rich out 29 Dec - 2 Jan.
  8. Lee out 2 January.

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