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Information Technology
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
P.O. Box 117000
Gainesville, FL 32611-7000

Telephone: (352) 273-2800
Fax: (352) 392-2354

Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
April 3, 2012

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Laurie Brennan, Chris Case, Will Chaney, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Michael Jay, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Patricia Ruwell, Josh Spurgin, Mark Sullivan, Mike Tyler
  1. Evan is scheduled to return next week.
  2. IT Update for April has been cancelled.
Ongoing IT Updates
  1. Staff Migration: Map Library completed on Monday. Catalog area in ALF scheduled for Thursday. Judaica and HSS to follow.
  2. Software: McAfee Site Advisor upgraded to 3.5 and is compatible with the latest version of Chrome. Java monthly updates - will create and schedule via Altiris. Macro Express - Josh and Michael are working to set the paths through Group Policy.
  3. App Streaming - the virtualization agent needs to be updated on all staff machines. Adobe Acrobat package challenges continue.
  4. 1A issues: demo mics - lapel mics do not give better performance and there's a lot of feedback. The other ones are worse. However, Mike found lapel and hand held mics in room 419 that have never been used. He put them in 1A. They are the same style, newer quality and work better. He will have Misty try them out before looking for that kind with rechargeable batteries. 1A is currently experiencing audio issues caused by non-Library staff use of the computer/podium. Cables were pulled out; now the audio is not functioning. Mike has placed a call with AVI.
  5. Journalism move scheduled for April 26. Need to coordinate with Facilities and IT Networking unit.
  6. Surveying of equipment in the old Systems area of Smathers - Laurie and Mike have been working on it.
  7. OCS proposed to end May 6 - need to move all users to Lync.
  8. VLC upgrade - will send out via Altiris.
  9. VDI Project - no update.
  1. OLE - not much movement. Meeting scheduled in April in Atlanta to work on timeline and priorities.
  2. Journal Title & Gap Tracker - waiting feedback from Judy, Diane and Lois. Continuing to refine requirements and work on prototypes.
  3. ASERL COE database (was GAP Analysis DB) - continuing to work on user feedback modifications. Also, tracking down occasional instances of slow SQL returns.
  4. Patron Update switch - still waiting for time to work on it.
  5. Macros - no new.
  6. ARES-Sakai authentication - Michael met with Paul McDonough and Atlas - ARES goes down May 4.
  7. Broadcast Tool - awaiting Evan's approval.
  8. Hathi Trust Exporter - in progress.
Network/Server Administration
  1. Voicemail to email issues have been resolved.
  2. Terminal licenses were ordered today (Sonia just returned).
  3. Windows GIT server - is being configured.
  4. SharePoint - ActiveX add-ons are not enabled in IE and it is causing certain functions not to work, specifically for Bonnie Smith, but this may occur to other users.
Web & Digital
  1. Panama Canal Museum - not off the hook with the online store. It appears we will be outsourcing it.
  2. Webmaster contact form - Mark is updating it.
  3. CMS - on hold.
  4. LAC/ALF - ongoing.
  5. DLC: Retrospective Dissertation Scanning Project - Christy Shorey has been on vacation. Did get some feedback from Lois and have made changes.
  6. Historic Maps - print on demand.
  7. Space planning for DLC relocation.
  8. C#/ASP.NET "port" of Djatoka - Djatoka.NET - ongoing.
  9. SobekCM Web Update - ongoing.