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Information Technology
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
Suite 1250
2124 NE Waldo Rd
Gainesville, FL 32609

Telephone: (352) 273-2800
Fax: (352) 392-2354

Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
June 21, 2011

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Laurie Brennan, Will Chaney, Matthew Daley, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Michael Jay, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Patricia Ruwell, Josh Spurgin, Mark Sullivan, Mike Tyler, Evan Wack

Guest: Rachel Schipper
  1. TSS Annual Meeting will be held on July 19, 9AM-12PM. Peter Miller can supply you with a tag to park in the loading dock. Project Managers will contact you prior to the event.
  2. ALA - librarians/staff will be leaving town this week, returning next.
  3. Exchange mailboxes will no longer be disabled when employees are terminated. When leaving UF, employees need to make sure their department has access to their work-related documents.
  4. Rob Roberts retirement - June 27, 2-4PM, Smathers Room 1A. Retirement gift donation is being collected by Charlotte Barnes.
Ongoing IT Updates

  1. Altiris Notification server - IT Analytics is still not working. We need it for software inventory. Our issue is being escalated up the chain of command.
  2. Group policy prepping for migration.
  3. Staff migration - Privilege Authority pulled from image. Requires additional testing.
  4. Software testing 99% done. We've identified 6 pieces of software that need local admins to install and 1 piece (Kirtas) that needs local admin to run. We will contact Kirtas.
  5. DHCP status? Unknown, Logan is out.
  6. Public migration - Testing live in West on 40 computers. No complaints thus far. Evan will be in class all next week (Altiris), but Trish will spearhead the public migration effort, to begin Monday, June 27 in West. Estimated to take about 2 days. MSL will go next, followed by the branches. Will check with classroom schedules. Expect to last all next week, and into the beginning of next.
  7. New group policies complete.
  8. Smart Shield up and running.
  9. Tech room guides - updating Education classroom for SmartBoard.
  10. MSL107 - PO cut; awaiting install date. Facilities is subbing out prep work.
  11. Library IT/Campus AT joint virtual desktop project - Evan met with folks from Campus AT. They discussed a joint Windows thin client project in room 211 West. Per Rachel, please send Judy a summary paragraph of the meeting.
  1. Exchange migration to 2010 last week - went pretty smoothly. Issues with Outlook 2003 - required a fix. Meeting Thursday to discuss maintenance.
  2. Recruitment Study - All changes originally promised by 6/15 have been completed. New requirements added and we are trying to complete those that we can. Mark rewriting survey to add security and streamline the process of getting reports from the data.
  3. Document Disposition database - Tom working on final changes. New demo to be scheduled for the four regional participants after ALA.
  4. Kuale OLE - Chris Case hired. Starts 7/1/11.
Network/Server Administration
  1. Logan is working on the server room closeout - CSE.
  1. All going well.
Web Projects
  1. Virtual bookplates - problem with encoding the URL. Donna Wrublewski is working on it.
  2. Wordpress - new passwords - Tom unable to log in.
  3. Working on design template for statewide site.
  4. FEFDL - waiting for grant.
  5. Catalog shift to Gatorlink - HSCL wants to shift as well. Issue with branding and policy.