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Information Technology
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
Suite 1250
2124 NE Waldo Rd
Gainesville, FL 32609

Telephone: (352) 273-2800
Fax: (352) 392-2354

Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
April 19, 2010

Present: Shruti Bagri, Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Laurie Brennan, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Matthew Daley, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Michael Howell, Michael Jay, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Patricia Ruwell, Josh Spurgin, Evan Wack
Review Minutes of 4/12/10
  1. Web #3 - Judy, not Barbara Hood.
Ongoing IT Updates

  1. All 174 computers have been received. They are currently being held for imaging.
  2. If we need to order more replacement computers and the funding is available, we will be ordering more.
  1. Need to set up a field trip to the Eastside. We'll probably go out in two or three groups.
  2. We are talking to Rob about scheduling movers.
  3. The doors will be on the Lenel system.
  4. Tapes: discussions continue.
  1. Evan is now the point of contact for Canon. There are three outstanding issues: USB, duplex and time lag. There is now another: printing from laptops. There is an issue with HSCL and printing from laptops. Evan to look into the issue - will contact George or Cliff at HSCL. Have to talk to Purchasing first - Evan will get with Gayle.
  2. Clean Slate is working. ReturnIL is off the list.
  3. Help Desk - phones are working, with the exception of the closed greeting. Telecom is working on it. We have now opened the phones up to Library West.
  4. Videoconferencing - waiting for cost change order.
  5. Josh and Cynthia are working on Privilege Authority. Amy looked at it on Friday. Will take it to UFAD to see if they will authorize assigning policy to non-administrators to run updates.
  6. Altiris integrators - scheduled for the end of May. They will be here for two consecutive weeks and then return in a month. Conference call scheduled for Altiris, Evan & Logan.
  7. Win7 - Trish is tweaking the public image. Finished, except the printing icon.
  8. Time Limited - waiting on Clean Slate decision.
  9. Requests for new phones - call Telecom and put in a ticket. Need approval from Will for the purchasing of new phones.
  10. We had a lot of issues with Grover checking in the 174 computers. Had to put the barcode scans into an Excel spreadsheet. Need Chris to import the data into Grover.
  1. Patron update - software upgrade on 2K3SQL - works fine. Plan is to migrate to the new CNS server. We are rewriting the project in .Net - have to translate and then migrate.
  2. Shruti - working on another Grover mod.
  3. ARL Stats - waiting for production. Steve to get info to Winston.
  4. Macros - 2 major projects are awaiting user acceptance: Christy Shorey & Todd. Tom and Michael met for an overview of macro editors - training. They will attack a ticket together. Another Grover mod: EReserve module - finally got information from Chris Poehlmann.
  5. Chris is working on a new candidate assessment form for new Associate Librarian.
Network/Server Administration
  1. VT Calendar done.
  2. Blog move this week.
  3. Jabber needs to be moved.
  4. DHCP - progressing. Cynthia did a good job getting the lists of fixed IPs. Need to get new ranges assigned or split up the old ones.
  5. Virtualization - moving along. NT13 this week. NT18 SQL? Aerial is on it. Winston will need to be in on that move. New VMs have to be paid for. We want to create a new management server. Could be used as the Clean Slate server. Logan will take a look at it.
  6. File and Web move - first week in May. Need to figure out a time of low usage. Let Tom know.
  7. All UFDC data - need to consult with Mark and Laurie Taylor. The server move should not be too bad, but the data transfer could be time consuming.
  8. CNS backup - Costs discussed. New SQL server - not backed up. Needs to go to Tivoli.
  1. Amy is attending new open source training.
  2. Cataloging training - completed.
  3. Amy & Cynthia - FCLA forthcoming.
Web Projects
  1. Open Access page is up.
  2. Survey completed.
  3. IRB approved.
  4. Calendaring for action items: GovDocs regional project on hold - Jan to send new state plan. The draft Tom has is out of date. They want a calendar that can be edited. They want us to develop our own that can be used statewide - an open source version.
  5. Word Press - template with header and footer is done. Problem with plug-ins.
  6. Proxy server - Cliff wants to meet with Winston and Tom to address all involved. Have to look at proxy authentication and licensing agreements. It is getting complicated. Need to target individual categories within the Member affiliation.
DLC General Issues
  1. Mark is not here.
  2. Demo for the Dean was successful last week.
  3. Everything else is on track.
  4. Michael Jay will start training with Mark Sullivan.