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Information Technology
George A. Smathers Libraries
University of Florida
Suite 1250
2124 NE Waldo Rd
Gainesville, FL 32609

Telephone: (352) 273-2800
Fax: (352) 392-2354

Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
April 12, 2010

Present: Shruti Bagri, Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Laurie Brennan, Logan Clapp, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Michael Jay, Tom Minton, Amy Polk, Patricia Ruwell, Mark Sullivan, Evan Wack

Guest: Rachel Schipper
  1. Rachel announces there is an upcoming Public Speaking training. There will be two formal sessions, three hours each. Training will be conducted by central HR. We especially encourage folks that have to deal with donors, faculty and staff to attend. The names need to be given to Lela or Misty by today. It is limited to 35 people. Is anyone interested? Logan, Winston, Trish.
Review Minutes of 4/5/10
  1. Hardware #3 - April 13.
Ongoing IT Updates

  1. The eight high-end machines arrived last week.
  2. The 166 machines should arrive this week. Facilities is aware and expecting the shipment.
  1. Judy has approved the ports and plugs in the workroom area.
  2. Getting with Rob to get an estimate on the move, furnishings, etc. We will recycle West unused shelving. Will gave Rachel a list of the furnishings we have. Nothing new has been purchased yet. We may need to have a departmental fieldtrip to the Eastside to check out the new offices. There are several large windows. Window treatments will be purchased.
  3. MSL offices - Brad and Rob should be getting together with Physical Plant. This is still in process.
  1. Phones should be switched for testing at 4PM today. Some IT staff are still unsure how to transfer calls. We will send out a cheat sheet. We still need to do the voicemail recordings. Help Desk should go live tomorrow. Evan put in a ticket to add the Submittal Type (phone, email or Web) to Grover.
  2. The PO for the Altiris integrators has been received. Should have a date of installation by the end of the week. We should be ready for them. No fiber channel space available at CNS right now. This probably won't happen for two weeks.
  3. Josh is working on the security software for the public. Clean Slate is not working with public computer mapping. ReturnIL is not good - too cumbersome. We're still working on it.
  4. Shipment of computers should be incoming this week.
  5. Room 1A - waiting for change order. Trying to get the DVR added on to it. The DVR will integrate with the network.
  6. Evan helped to create a budget for the technology fee proposal. It consists of several large screen monitors. $130,000+ for 36 monitors and 9 digital signs.
  1. Shruti is working on a request for Grover (from Evan) to record the submission source of a ticket. Shruti is familiarizing herself with Grover as Chris' backup.
  2. Tom is training with Michael Jay to get familiar with Macros (backup).
  3. Chris is out of the office with ankle surgery this week - but will be available by email or phone if necessary. Winston will be out for two weeks starting Wednesday.
  4. The new Identity Management scheme went through today. It affects those that handle permissions in UFAD.
Network/Server Administration
  1. VT Calendar - should be done today. It is moving to a whole new server at CNS. The blog is also moving. Just need to set the permissions. From this point forward, any Linux-based application will be on this server. Will the WordPress test be on that server? No, it is staying where it is for now.
  2. After everything is moved to the virtual server, what will be the disposition of all the IT equipment in MSL? We need to keep a testing area. Rachel indicates that we should be vacating MSL at the same time as we leave East. Logan will check with Will. Logan will inventory the equipment this week.
  3. DHCP - actively working on it this week. Need a list of computers that need static IPs. The majority of West is ready to go. Hope to have it ready by this summer. West and MSL are the two biggest buildings. Will have a better handle on the timeframe next week. We will end up giving back some IP ranges.
  4. CNS virtualization - going fine, finalizing dates. Web and file server to move May 5 - break week. Altiris probably won't in place at the time of the move.
Web Projects
  1. Michael Howell is having compatibility problems with SciFinder and v.5 Easy Proxy server. That version is Shibboleth.
  2. CMS - template created - header and footer. New version (3) of WordPress will be out soon. May need to upgrade. May just wait and build on the new version. Should be compatible. We can install v.3 on the test server.
  3. Judy is trying to get all page templates looking the same. Static pages - edit in the content area only. WordPress editor is primitive. You have to know HTML.
  4. Tom is working on the templates and will present them.
DLC General Issues
  1. Tentative plans for the move to CNS. The database is done. UFDC to move after the Web and file server.
  2. Need to coordinate with Laurie Taylor and migrate at a low usage time.
  3. Need to schedule the public print server at the same time - break week.
  4. Aerial interface to be released this week.
  5. Metadata searching to be released next week.
  6. Database move went smoothly.
  7. CNS - got backup plan from them for Laurie Taylor for a grant proposal.
Students and Department
  1. Debra placed an ad for a new student hire for the summer semester.