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Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
December 7, 2009

Present: Shruti Bagri, Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Laurie Brennan, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Matthew Daley, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Michael Howell, Michael Jay, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Patricia Ruwell, Josh Spurgin, Mark Sullivan, Evan Wack, Stephen Williams
  1. Our new employee, Shruti Bagri, started last week.
  2. Move update: the notion of new furniture has been tossed. We will have to reuse our old items.
  3. Preservation will be coming through for a tour of our area. Need to make sure someone is available to show them around, including the vaults.
Ongoing IT Updates

  1. 22 high-end machines received last week.
  1. Canon - status quo.
  2. Torpig virus - Steady State does not take care of it. It copies itself to the master boot record - that leaves a critical vulnerable area unprotected. Steady State cannot be used as the only protection. May add something over it. Need to look at all models and see if CMOS password would protect it. This would mean that Torpig, in general, can't be detected on campus. Hope we don't have a bunch in sleeper mode. This requires urgent attention. Will is working to find a solution.
  3. Local DHCP in East - switching machines from static to DHCP - time consuming. Should be done this week.
  4. Video conferencing - equipment ordered. No installation date. Projected for the first week in January.
  5. Icon for value-add on public machines - still under discussion.
  1. Winston had an issue with Exchange - Charlotte Barnes reported that a conference room calendar that she maintains had six messages in the Inbox (meeting requests), but she could not see them. They appear automatically on the calendar and are marked private. The folks at UF Exchange could see they were from Jana Ronan. It is possible to set your meetings to private by default. Is it conference room 522 in West? Yes. Logan notes that it might be the way it is configured - that's one of the first ones he set up when we moved to UFAD.
  2. Grover Facilities queue - done, went live today.
  3. Meeting tomorrow with Steve Carrico and Chris Poehlman to discuss the Grover Acquisitions requirements.
  4. Room reservation app - should be able to start it up again soon.
  5. Macros - two awaiting user input for clarification of requirements.
  6. ARL HR project - in production. The final version was turned over before Thanksgiving. Gave Bonnie read permissions to see how it's going.
  7. Illiad - HSCL group to be trained tomorrow. Our software is not involved.
  8. VIVO - hardware purchase saga - first PO was denied by Purchasing. Second PO was never received. Finally, a PO was faxed over on Friday. We'll see when we actually start to receive items. Will dispense things as they are received. They would like to get the headsets and webcams as soon as possible. Winston got Peoplesoft folks to do the software ingest for Gator Scholar. Stephen leaves for Washington, D.C. tomorrow.
  9. Incident Report form - waiting for response.
  10. Mini grant circulation - for Michelle Foss - it is basically done.
Network Servers
  1. Virtualization project - will create this week - adjusted the quote based on what can be consolidated. We'll see what they come back with. What about the old servers we'll have left? Guess we'll have lots of storage space. We are not worried about redundancy beyond what CNS can supply. Everything is contingent on if the organization wants to do it. The Directors will decide.
Web Projects
  1. Outdated Web information - the deadline has passed. The majority of sites have been done. Acquisitions and Preservation have requested extra time. The Special Collections site is a plethora of information. Rich is working with Matthew on it. For the most part, it is going well.
  2. Word Press - waiting for UF. Should be forthcoming in January.
  3. Intranet - Matthew met with Steve Carrico and Raimonda. Spoke about intranet, but Sharepoint can be used to restrict site information. Sharepoint could be the solution to two existing problems: Betsy's documentation issue in Cataloging and the shared storage wiki for Cathy Martyniak. We're hoping campus will make it available. It should be a good solution for a lot of things. Sharepoint is a commodity service provided by central, not us. There is a learning curve. May do quick beta testing examples for us. Judy indicated she thought we were already in it and she asked for a demo at the next Library Council. Will try to find something to demo at the meeting on 12/21/09.
DLC General Issues
  1. FTP at CNS - this week.
  2. Abby on CNS virtual server - second box to be moved aboard. CNS has USB security dongle ability. May possibly be done next week.
  3. JPG2K - testing. It doesn't like the latest version of Java. Will move it back to 2K3 version.
  4. Streaming video - off-site option was too expensive. Now, CNS is doing a cost estimate for us. However, CNS has reservations about hosting. The issue is bandwidth. Logan to reply to Rachel.
  5. Faculty self-submittal form - not much traffic.
  6. Online metadata editing - Mark finished it. Some last minute changes to go out today.
  7. Shibboleth out this week.
Students and Department
  1. Student will start dropping out over the next two weeks.
  2. Will need to hire one new student for the spring semester.
IT Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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