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Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
November 30, 2009

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Laurie Brennan, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Bill Covey, Matthew Daley, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Michael Howell, Michael Jay, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Josh Spurgin, Mark Sullivan, Evan Wack, Stephen Williams
  1. Stephen brought free Gators National Championship Sports Illustrated copies - from the Boosters.
  2. Move update - Will received an email with pictures of the new building. He will forward them. Meeting with Judy on December 16. Server location: no word yet. Assuming it will be CSE. Virtualization bottom line? $125,000.
  3. New programmer, Shruti, has not started yet. She is an international hire and there are some issues with her paperwork.
  4. Library Council last week: Student Learning Commons will be at Newell Hall. Eastside building on schedule. Campus will be smoke-free next summer (we will not police). Reception for the Smathers Lobby renovations is Wednesday, December 2. Mention of OLE - Bill and Michelle project - replacement for ILS - 2 years out of the box. Working to expand our mobile apps. New budget models - our shadow budget has not yet been received.
Review Minutes of 11/16/09
  1. Ann #5 - Should be: new hardware tech (not programmer).
Ongoing IT Updates

  1. Public printing/copying - duplexing has improved, but the delay still exists. The fix was pushed to a printer in Special Collections as a test case last week.
  2. Cynthia asks about reminding staff not to save documents to their hard drive - with no other back up. There has been a rash of viruses and when machines are rebuilt, folks are losing a lot of their work. Why isn't our virus scan catching the malware? It seems there are a few issues here:
    a) People are not backing up their work. Some suggestions made to use group policy to have desktops pointed to the u:drive. Evan notes that in Windows 7 we could have the image point to the u:drive.
    b) Malware - people are clicking on bad links - perhaps they have too much control? Infected staff are not admins. Do we really want to be Net Nannies?
    c) Why are our malware defenses not working? It detects the virus and cleans it, but it keeps replicating. That is a failure of McAfee. We need to contact them and find out why. Evan says that the EPO server indicates McAfee is always up-to-date. We may have to look at another vendor. You could talk to John Sawyer.
    This is all worthy of discussion. Perhaps we should have training sessions on current hazards to your machine and how to backup your documents. Let's get 3-4 folks together to develop user training and we can run it by the Directors.
  3. Speaking of training - it's probably at least worthy of an announcement to point out the fact that we are coming up on the one year anniversary of moving to UFAD. Any email over one year old that is in the Inbox will be automatically deleted unless it is moved. Definitely worth an announcement.
  4. Local DHCP - Should be up and running in a production environment in East this week.
  5. Video conferencing - a PO has been cut.
  1. Purchasing mods in Grover have been rolled out.
  2. Facilities mods in Grover - working on it.
  3. Winston has no request for Acquisitions mods in Grover - Steve Carrico should be getting it to Winston.
  4. VIVO - lots of travel. National ontology - have to take our data out and ingest it into a new formula - Stephen's task. We have not received any more items from the VIVO hardware/software orders.
  5. Macros - one is essentially done. There is a new request for one in Preservation.
  6. CAT (computer availability tool) - Winston is working on changing the maps. There are still 5 outstanding machines in the stack area of West that are not reporting when folks sign on.
  7. ILLIAD - switched to shared server configuration last week. Installed a new client on Jennifer Ellenwood's machine. Atlas will train the HSCL folk. HSCL data transferring into ours? That is not happening. ILLIAD does not use aging report. Bill will talk to Brian Keith to make sure all are onboard.
  8. Room reservation app - Stacey Ewing demoed to folks - received feedback, now it's back to us.
  9. ARL - revisions out - current as of now.
  10. JABBR - can be taken off the list. Discussion on where to link it. When that is decided, it may come back to us.
Web Projects
  1. Outdated Web information - going well. Matthew has a meeting with Acquisitions on Dec. 3, which is the advertised deadline. The deadline is a bit of a moving target. Most departments are complying.
  2. Content Management System - Matthew was asked to develop a search bar - and then a re-design for Word Press. Bill asks if a blog system is flexible enough for website management. They are working up a University template in Word Press. Drupal is not happening and they see Word Press as an amazing substitution. They want consistency of design across all departmental and branch pages.
  3. Intranet - info quarantined so the outside world cannot see it. Will be permissions-based. They want to expand it a lot. Will need to make another site, another share.
DLC General Issues
  1. FTP - Logan to talk with CNS. Will also discuss virtualization of ABBY software. It came with a USB dongle - CNS has a server config for it. It will increase our data transfer. Will need to keep an eye on it. Logan to get cost estimate.
  2. JPEG2K duplication - testing on 2K8. Not working yet. Need to test on something older. Think we can get it to work. May look at how USF is set up. Need to cost out what it will be to get us current.
  3. Streaming video - Laurie Taylor still getting quotes from outside vendors.
  4. Faculty self-submittal form - a few have been received. Online editing to soon come. Shibboleth will eventually be in place.
Students and Department
  1. Christmas break forthcoming.
  2. Caitlyn and Paul to return for spring semester; Jessica will not. New schedule yet to be determined.
IT Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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