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Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
August 31, 2009

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Bill Covey, Matthew Daley, Debra Fetzer, Jason Fleming, Winston Harris, Michael Howell, Paul McDonough, Bobbie Meng, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Patricia Ruwell, Mark Sullivan, Stephen Williams

Guest: Rachel Schipper
  1. Jason working at home last week: comments? None.
  2. ALEPH down - FCLA hardware failure problem. Everyone is shifting to offline Circ procedures.
  3. CNS is also having problems - crash caused problems with about half of the Gatorlink mailboxes, file hosting and Tivoli. Patron updates, billing and fines are all down. Our mail was unaffected. They are working to restore.
  4. New public printing - we would like it live the day after tomorrow (Wednesday). We are having technical issues with securing the card readers. Rafal will be back at 1:30PM today in HSCL. There are some hassles there and they are trying to reconfigure.
  5. Xerox printing is down this morning. The hard drive space on the server was full. Winston cleared some space. Amy rebooted it and cleared temporary files. It is still not working. Bill says to check the app and system logs. Xerox is still on Smatherslib. Xerox is here until Friday. We should have the Canon printing going by Wednesday.
  6. Library Council - Swine flu worries - predicted to affect 25% of the workforce. We will be implementing some recommendations: Alcohol-based hand sanitizers. This may mean keyboards will end needing to be cleaned more frequently. Vaccines: two dosages, three weeks apart. They won't be available until November 2009. If the workplace is hit hard, we may have to shift people around to different departments. People will be instructed to stay at home for 24 hours after their fever is gone (with no aspirin). It usually runs its course in a week. There's a supervisors' meeting tomorrow at 10AM to discuss.
    Effort and Assignment Reporting - campus is getting serious about it - need to be accurate, or grant funding could be compromised.
    Responsibility-centered management model - the Libraries are a cost center. This is a work in progress. It will be installed full-bore by next year. There won't be much direct effect to the IT Dept.
    Academic Program Review - process of the Provost asking what we do really well: the top 10, or what could be your top 10. Campus public use computers - looking at the statistics - may shift funding to the Libraries.
    Training - Central HR - anyone can sign up for a class for which there is a charge. Let us know if you are interested in a class that costs. It will need to be approved before signing up.
    Rachel notes a computer survey - other locations that we can refer students to when we run out of room in the Libraries. We would also need to know their hours of operation.
Ongoing IT Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders - changes to the approval process.
  1. Workstation installations - primarily done. Just a few left.
  2. Image - high-end and microform - should be done by the end of this week.
  3. 12 machines left to be installed in MSL public area. Ports did not get included in the upgrade process. We may not have any ports available on the switch.
  4. ILL unit to be installed (MSL) - the old one is still in place until the new one is done.
  5. Hanging conduit in 215 MSL - Michael will check on it.
  6. Push consideration - for Canon printing. We're probably going to have to touch all of the machines. Will have to configure Steady State to look for a script on the network. This seemed to work in LAC. Will probably do a mass sweep on the computers in the near future. Canon color print queue is corrupt.
  7. Local DHCP - has been on the back burner. Should get to it this week.
  8. Backup schedule documentation - Logan to put it together this week for Cynthia. Need to check with Allen on the Tivoli schedule.
  9. Need to check the scanner bit stock for securing card readers.
  10. Laptop encryption - ready to go. Will has documented the procedures required for preparing the new laptops for checkout. We will meet as a group next week and go through the requirements. Staff will be informed of the change in procedures in reserving and picking up laptops.
Software Projects Status
  1. Patron Updates - stuck job ran Wednesday of last week.
  2. Macros - Michael closed out a couple of tickets last week. Jason finished up the Preservation macro.
  3. Grover mods to resume this week (Chris is back).
  4. Gator Scholar - meeting last week. UFIR and Gator Scholar - groundwork laid. Need to get Shibboleth working. It's already going for the Carrel Reservation System. The new server is completed, just waiting on backup data. Will start to move the pointers. Mirrored to test box.
  5. ARL Stats - Tom Bielicke is making good progress.
  6. OCLC Connexion - students unable to log on - permissions problem on our end. Staff could not access, either. Will add it to the image.
  1. ALEPH outage - Jennifer (FCLA) is negotiating with people about fines. DigiTool, website and ALEPH will all be down today. They lost a big piece of hardware on Saturday. Unknown when it will be back up. Apparently, this is unrelated to the CNS outage that occurred at the same time. Right now, ALEPH is running on the Tallahassee copy. CIRC online is not backed up.
Web Projects
  1. Survey for Margeaux Johnson.
  2. Several new notices on the home page.
  3. Library showcase notice list is getting quite lengthy. Changing out banner to actively show different events.
  4. Put up notification today regarding ALEPH outage.
  5. ARL Task Force - worked on pages.
  6. Redirected some Asian pages for David Hickey.
  7. Selector form fixed last week.
  8. Drupal webinar last week - overview. It took half of the session to get it up and running. About 12 people attended, but then again, it was a Friday afternoon. Matthew will send out an archived copy of the session.
  9. MyUFL patch -hook for Library news - wasn't working last week. Matthew fixed it and removed Rich Bennett from the queue.
  1. SAN migration - File copy complete.
  2. Greenstone metadata - will get to it this week. Shouldn't take that long.
  3. New FTP server - in use and working. Only one problem: patron was using a Mac.
Students and Department
  1. Two former students will be returning for the fall semester: Jessica Lanier & Caitlyn Mertz.
IT Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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