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Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
April 10, 2009

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Laurie Brennan, Logan Clapp, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Jason Fleming, Winston Harris, Michael Jay, Bobbie Meng, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Patricia Ruwell, Mark Sullivan, Evan Wack, Stephen Williams
  1. ERC luncheon to be held Tuesday, April 21, 12PM Room 1A Smathers Library.
Review Minutes of 4/3/09
  1. HW#5 - typo correction: "disk".
Ongoing IT Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Bill - ticket with phones and multimedia order - will split, assigning secondary as needed.
  1. Mark will be leaving for Italy and California soon, so he will be training folks here to back him up.
Current Projects
  1. UFAD - need to rerun the cleanup script on all workstations. The patch on the first script is incorrect.
  2. EPO server - it's a mess. Smatherslib EPO is gone. Servers are not updating from AD yet. When are we going to migrate the servers to AD? We need to figure out how to do that without breaking everything. Bill says to change it all to symbolic. Winston says different domains will cause problems. Bill says to do as much symbolic as can be. Do it at the workstation level first.
  3. 'Sleepy Monitor' suggestion by the Green Team - AGRSSR said yes, so go ahead and push it now.
Hardware Support Unit
  1. Found a consistent procedure to have workstations report back to SUS - Evan met with Amy and gave her. She will create a bat file. It won't work on public machines (Steady State). We will do those manually.
  2. HR laptops - driver issue.
  3. Two major software installs: SciFinder in MSL and 3DMax in West. SCCM will not be fully functional until summer, so we will do them by hand.
  4. Wiping machines - we have traditionally used DBAN for viruses - it takes 48 hours to run. Now, as long as the machine is not going to survey, we will just run Diskpart and rebuild. Discussion of Kill Disk.
  5. At our unit meeting, the topic of our policy when pulling a machine for a virus came up - should we allow the user time to backup their files? Are the servers protected more if they backed up an infected file? Servers are backed up on a regular basis and it should be fine, but our policy is not to allow them to back up once the machine is infected.
  6. SP3 pushed Friday - have been getting tickets about Zero Day patch - the answer is to uninstall so users no longer get the EEye Notice.
Software Projects Status
  1. Degree Info should not be listed under Upcoming Projects on the Agenda. Rather, it should be listed under Software Projects. The Degree Info prototype is ready for Bonnie.
  2. Patron updates - problems unrelated to barcode inclusion. Empty files - name changed by semester - now the download routine is failing. NT4 used a different type of mechanism to download files than SQL. There was no patron update file to FCLA last week.
  3. DLC toolkit - ongoing.
  4. Mark - request for JPEG2K files to be downloadable from NT19. Could not open due to permissions on mounted drives. Winston rewrote the permissions. Still hashing it out.
  5. DLC permissions issue - can't read - Mark will run down the problems.
  6. UFDC is displaying PDFs now. Thumbs up from Missy.
  7. ARL stats - on hold. Michael is working on a macro for Betsy.
  8. Michael - York University in Toronto saw the article on macros and wanted to use it. It is open source - had insure it was done appropriately.
  9. NT4 server is off, ready to be cannibalized.
  10. ILLIAD Billing Manager - Stephen has a work flow diagram - need to get people to sign off on it.
  11. Photocopy contract meeting this afternoon. We may end up having to do programming.
Web Projects
  1. Tom had an inquiry to provide extensive mentoring to improve the Web.
  2. Matthew, Tom and Michelle will be moving to the east end of LAC. There will be a usability lab in the Web offices.
  1. Moved the Prime Recognition OCR box back to the server room. It's much quicker now.
  2. Logan needs to talk about the archive server with Allan next week. Need to make sure it's backing up the right data. Hope to get the server configure Monday or Tuesday.
  3. Server split - DLC SAN - mirror back to MSL - this week.
  4. Have we received a bill for Tivoli yet? We should be billed monthly. Logan to find out from Allan.
Students and Department
  1. Bill needs a point estimate on spending for student assistants through June 30.
IT Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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