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Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
April 3, 2009

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Laurie Brennan, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Jason Fleming, Winston Harris, Michael Jay, Paul McDonough, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Patricia Ruwell, Mark Sullivan, Evan Wack
  1. Amy's youngest grandson will be one year old tomorrow.
  2. April 21 - Employee Recognition Committee luncheon - 12 noon in Room 1A.
  3. Rachel will visit the IT Dept for four hours on April 20. She will meet individually with all staff for a short interview.
  4. Dean Russell is attending our meeting today.
  5. UFIRT security notifications are now to be tracked via Grover ticketing.
Ongoing IT Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. SAN storage on order.
  2. We will be purchasing a Mac laptop and software for a joint AFA project. Laptop will be in AD.
  3. Grover to be used to track equipment on the network - not necessarily strictly UF property.
Support Issues
  1. Joint ILLIAD project - Will to work with Winston. Hosting is offsite; upgrades are the issue.
  2. Wireless VOIP phones used in MSL - having trouble. Problem is the shared hub - channels are saturated. CNS indicated the quality of service has been increased. They are remodeling in MSL, so the phone issue is on the back burner.
  1. Laptop encryption - Will is working on Laptop 14. It may need to be rebuilt as it has a multitude of problems. The problem is not VPN.
Current Projects
  1. SCCM to UFAD - Logan and Amy are closer, working on it - cleaning the old SMS from workstations. Configuration is almost done. Need to finish the client install.
  2. Green Team "Sleepy Monitor" request - Public Services needs to sign off on it - also, need response from AGRSSR.
  3. EPO server - still trying to figure it out - it sees some workstations, but does not report back that they are updated. Conficker virus was mostly an issue in Europe. Its effects could still be forthcoming.
Hardware Support Unit
  1. Print daemon - port blocking issues - closed.
  2. Inventory - we're on our second and third passes, looking for missing equipment. Will email the department heads regarding missing equipment. The Dean will make an announcement to that effect at Library Council.
  3. SUS - getting close - Evan is working with Logan and Amy.
  4. Kristy told Evan that there are issues with the HR laptops - more than five are dead. Bill suggests checking the guts of the machines to make sure none have been cannibalized. No ticket submitted yet.
  5. Slip stream - Cynthia has been testing it with SP3. There have been 46 updates since SP3 - a handful will not integrate - mostly Media Player .Net framework. Put all the standard stuff on one disk and the others on a separate disk. SP3 has not been pushed yet. Bill says to push it immediately.
  1. Aleph v.19 upgrade test - will be released to staff on April 20.
  2. FCLA will contact Jason regarding scheduling for site visits and Webinars.
Software Projects Status
  1. ARL Stats - moved on to the next phase. Read-Only is done. Staff input is next. Projected to be done at the end of the month.
  2. Root Cert - Thawte quote has been requested by Logan.
  3. NT4 - last bit of cleanup, still some broken links reported. Shortcuts to be reestablished.
  4. SQL2K8 upgrade - looking at CALS.
  5. Shibboleth - still working - need to totally uninstall it from the test server and do a reinstall. It is still on the main server. Daemon is running. Winston will remove it in between semesters.
  6. ILLIAD Billing Taskforce met - complications with ILLIAD Billing Manager used in Library Fiscal Services' auxiliary billing system. It will require a verification step from ILL. Right now, there are only 4-6 transactions per month. With the addition of HSCL, that will increase to 100-200. We're trying to automate the process. Stephen Williams has the conceptual model down and is getting it going. We have add to the records already in place the OCLC symbol for Law and Health.
  7. ARIEL - one of the few remaining applications on NT18. Will move to SQL during the upcoming break. Michelle Foss has requested we speak with her staff prior to the move.
  8. HR request - Degree Info - staff will be able to update their degree information online in ITS. Stephen is working on it.
  9. Patron Update - Jim Steven's request to include barcode information - test run this week resulted in 15-20 collisions. We cleaned up the data and will try again.
  10. OCR toolkit automation - ongoing.
  11. UFDC - Mark implemented Google maps geographic search. He is reorganizing the collection to improve the search - resulting in much faster searches.
  12. DLOC toolkit for FCLA? It is freely available online. FDA Loader is on the project list. On the horizon - Mark is working on a way for users to register items in DLOC and save.
  13. Gator Scholar - awaiting input.
  14. Affiliation Modification proposal - it can't be seen. Winston has asked Bridges for disclosure.
  15. Chemistry Librarian candidate assessment form - modified for HR.
  16. ITS - changed to allow HR students to manage the classes and work in management mode.
Web Projects
  1. Prominent new link - Alumni and Friends. EBSCO database access - fit in with the giving link. Sam is happy with it. Sam should be keeping record of GatorLink credentials.
  2. Lori Driscoll asked for a page to replace the old Borrowing and Circulation page. Tom did it, and then he got a ticket that said there was no link to policy. Marijka, Jim and Lori need to collaborate on unit content. IT cannot be responsible.
  3. Steve Carrico - follow up on an email request - Acquisitions page - will change form about resetting passwords. Should go to Circulation. They have a generalized mailbox.
  4. Tom has been asked to be on a new UF Policy Web Group - under UF Web Administration. They are requesting that certain Web standards be met.
  5. UF usability tasks over the summer - making UF Web page a commodity.
  6. Tom attended three 1-hour sessions on ROI, Google, and how to place value on programming.
  1. Logan moved the storage array from MSL to JPEG server. It is really slow running off USB. Need to verify both are on USB2. Could use firewall.
IT Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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