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Information Technology Staff Meeting Notes
October 17, 2008

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Laurie Brennan, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Matthew Daley, Debra Fetzer, Jason Fleming, Winston Harris, Michael Howell, Michael Jay, Paul McDonough, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Amy Polk, Patricia Ruwell, Evan Wack, Stephen Williams
  1. Bobbie's car was attacked.
  2. Discussion of the man with a gun apprehended in Library West.
  3. Support Services meeting - Xerox contract is up in November. There are two possible vendors. We will not go with Xerox again.
Review Minutes of 10/10/08
  1. Web #2 - 'Michelle' not 'Missy' Crump.
Ongoing IT Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Tivoli test looks good. Logan has a feeling that DLC is not going with it for back up of archives. We're working on another backup solution for DLC - 80TB storage. We have one quote.
  1. We should probably all train on Tivoli - anyone doing backups. Logan asks for time to prepare.
Support Issues
  1. Installing SMS client - 46 machines did not accept - most of which are probably firewall issues. Amy is working with Winston on the exceptions. Policy on firewalls? Exceptions for remote. With the SMS client installed, we are ready to start pushing.
  2. O2K7 - pushing it to Admin - need to put them in a group.
  3. SMS staff side - need to put a distribution point on AD to push to the Public.
  4. SAN migration - West migration will start tonight. Admin next week. Projects folder next week.
  5. CJK - Logan will fine tune it after the install. Steady State had some issues.
  6. Steady State testing - it has possibilities.
  7. Central Exchange - Google email outsourcing option has been tabled. Mail meter implementation - 80% recovery. 2-3 second delay on opening attachments. Nov. 4 is UF Campus Exchange Day - groups sessions for techs and staff. We are encouraged to go.
  8. Library migration - Mike gave us Tools - Logan has an output. It will pull from our AD and match to GatorLink to make new Campus AD groups - permissioning is done one-by-one. There is no way to export permissions. It is not a fully automated process.
  9. McAfee updates are going well. VISTA - turn off UAC, use Comodo firewall. Evan found fixes for the pop-up problem and the mapping to the Z: drive issue. One solution is a registry key and the other is a local policy setting. Leave the pop ups, use the registry key for the drive mapping issue.
Workstation Support Unit
  1. Library West to be imaged on Monday.
  2. Lenovo agreed to modify the MSL battery charger. The new charger order will be modified. They will be adding plastic around the charging pins.
  3. SUS public side set to Education - it is working. Logan set the policy for all Public to push updates - also, for staff.
  4. Microfilm viewer in West - no maintenance contract. It costs $300 a pop to look at it. Will recommends a service contract.
  5. Bloomberg terminal - Peter McKay wants to restrict the access to Bloomberg patrons only. Evan changed the process so patrons have to check out the keyboard now. Right before the meeting, Peter reported that the Bloomberg machine has a virus. It does not have Deep Freeze. Steady State may be an option.
  1. Aleph problem in LAC - no access to C: drive on one machine. It is probably a permissions issue. Jason is working on it.
Software Projects Status
  1. VIVO server - problems with the install. We are in contact with Cornell about it.
  2. Visual Studio - we bought it for Hashem in Documents to use as a graphical interface - a building tool to find maps. He is reviewing the project and we need to change the admin rights on the server. It will soon be available to the public in a Web interface.
  3. Michael Jay has finished the ER diagram for ARL stats. Should start on tables next week.
  4. Tracking database - ongoing with sorting changes.
  5. Greenstone - Mark just released a new version of Builder. There are some fixes underway.
  6. Shibboleth meeting this week - switch over to start November 15 and should be done within a year. It will be new security for Web pages. We'll change to a single spot log-on to UF and it will keep across applications.
  7. MSL - requested the Public Computer Availability Tool for all floors.
  8. Two changes requested for Patron Updates: including students that audit classes and modifying the home library for HSC.
Web Projects
  1. Meeting this afternoon with West regarding their new Web site. They'd like to change the URL from HSS to West. They are also requesting a link on the page to the Computer Availability Tool.
  2. Links on the Library widget are not working on MyUFL. It was originally set up by Rich Bennett. MyUFL is saying the problem is with our Web server. Tom is investigating.
  3. Matthew developed an IGoogle widget. It works in theory. It will help in the search for books.
  4. Matthew developed a mobile cell test, but it doesn't actually work yet. We can only test it on a browser.
Students and Department
  1. Today is Rob's last day. He took a full-time job. Erasmo will pick up his hours.
IT Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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