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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 7, 2008

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Chris Nicolich, Mark Sullivan, Stephen Williams
  1. Smash Brothers Brawl comes out this weekend.
  2. Weather report: storm and tornado warnings.
  3. Home Show at the O'Connell Center this weekend.
  4. Reorganization discussion.
  5. Evaluations: warned of ranking creep.
  6. Support Service Meeting recap: MSL is getting new carpet installed on the 5th floor over Spring Break. They also have an AC problem that is being addressed. Budget cut - $1.3 million from the Libraries next fiscal - for a total of 10% over two years. Administration is soliciting any ideas on how the Library can save money. One possibility is the elimination of the OPS budget and/or exempt staff working more hours. Bill recommends checking out President Machen's Web site regarding the state of the University - budget, etc. Lay-offs are not off the table.
  7. Middle Manager's - reorganization discussion. Blog policy sent out.
Review Minutes of 2/29/08
  1. Network #4 - remove it.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. MSL laptops - none of the batteries in the laptops they sent us would work with the charger. Turns out, another university was using the charger with the wide-screen model. Now GovConnection is going to replace our MSL laptops with the wide-screen model. We will have to reimage them.
  1. Machines that are getting turned off are not getting updates. Need to determine if users are turning them off or if it is the power settings.
  2. Systems training - good edition on ESX's, switches and SAN rollover last week. Group A goes next week. Topic: security SANS. Logan notes he found the Microsoft Online Academy - has good training.
  1. Backup Exec server - had to be restarted - it didn't like it. There's a new version out - Backup Exec 12. We will try to upgrade during spring break next week.
  2. McAfee - testing resulted in discovery of machines turned off. We are close to ready to go live - next week.
  3. DiskXtender - need to decide where to install and give volume number before the license can be used.
  4. SAN - working on file server - has some issues - misconfigured DNS. Once it works, will move DLC first then the Web server. Want the failover seamless so the user won't know.
  5. Data on NT2R - much will be migrated to Disk Xtender. NT2R will become the store of old data, with a pointer on the user's machine to retrieve. Will have a tape copy of NT2R and the backup will run monthly.
  6. CJK image - Logan met with David Hickey on Monday. The language pack from Microsoft is available for download - multi boot, single machine. The request was for Chinese - this will be the initial language.
  7. Central Exchange server meeting - March 19.
  8. Public printing - on hold.
  9. VM backups - VSX strategy - separate USB drive solution. Would provide portability.
Software Projects Status
  1. Blogs - anonymous comments allowed.
  2. Wiki - testing net traffic use of SSL.
  3. Grover - Software tab is almost finished. Network and ordering is next. Could conceivably be released by July '08.
  4. Tracking database - Tom made changes and Erich approved the new version. The redesign of the Tracking database - v. 3.0 - (Web version) is in the design phase.
  5. Greenstone - new version is still getting out-of-memory exceptions, but it is catching it better - easier to debug. Mark is working on it.
  6. Lori Driscoll is passing around the affiliation proposal - getting comments. It is under review. Lori will be gone for 1 weeks. Jim Stevens may have a second proposal for large groups that visit for a day or two.
DLC Greenstone Issues
  1. Working on the network monitoring tool. Hope to roll-out next week.
Student and Department
  1. Spring break is next week. Students will be gone.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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