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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 22, 2008

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk,
  1. Logan is attending a black tie wedding this weekend.
  2. Amy is going to Savannah this weekend.
  3. Bobbie and her sister are doing the tour of kitchens in Gainesville this weekend.
  4. Systems (programmers) received accolades for the Call Number Count report. About a year ago, Bill asked for a count of titles sorted by Library of Congress number. Winston sent the report to FCLA and they modified their version to do the same - recognizing Winston and Stephen in the original.
  5. Everyone should be aware of the news about the 6% budget cuts for next fiscal year.
  6. Employee Recognition - Laurie Taylor submitted a proposal honoring the Systems department for outstanding work on the SAN. The proposal was accepted and we will be treated to a celebratory breakfast in Systems on Wednesday, March 5th.
  7. Amy is soliciting comments on the reorganization. Systems discussed the IT proposal and suggestions were made to reevaluate Library-wide IT positions.
  8. Winston and Amy met with Leilani, Lori and Matthew to discuss accommodating unaffiliated patron log-on. The best solution seems to be to have Bridges create a super guest account that would last longer than 2 weeks (more like 6 months). Anyone at the desk would be able to create such accounts. The accounts would be renewable. The group is coming up with a proposal to submit and would like Will and Bill's approval. Since this would require a programming change from Bridges, the proposal would need to be submitted by Judy. The backup solution would not allow a guest to print. Would have to go to a vending type solution.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. MSL - old UPS needs battery replaced. This needs to be addressed. They are keeping a 'squeak log' on the noise.
  1. CKJ project - we are going to create a public image in Chinese-Korean-Japanese of XP, so that students can choose the desired language. Will has it downloaded and if it works with VMWare and DeepFreeze, we will put it on all public machines.
  2. Systems training - Group B is next week, Thursday -10AM.
  1. McAfee is still in testing - having some success.
  2. SAN - we have a clearer definition on the use of Disk Extender. More Replistor licenses are on order. We will create another version of the Web at MSL. Logan worked on Replistor yesterday and should have a test version of the replicated Web server at MSL by next week.
  3. CJK image for public - should be in by the summer.
  4. MSL - still waiting for Xerox to vacate a room to move our servers.
  5. Central Exchange Server meeting cancelled.
  6. Slip Stream with 2K3 created. Discussion of SP3 - may be buggy.
Software Projects Status
  1. No failover for Education right now - waiting for Facilities to transport machine over.
  2. Problem with SQL2K3 - C: drive space issues. Moved files to F: drive.
  3. New project request for Bryant Collection from John Nemmers. Will meet with him next week to discuss. Right now they use PALMM at FCLA, but it does not go deep enough, so they are looking to us for a programming solution.
  4. Blog policy - Will sent the revised copy to Stephen. We will be allowing user accounts to be created by anyone. We could limit it to the Library staff, but the Directors want it open to all. Logan will work on it and talk to Stephen about it.
  5. Wiki testing - Jason Fleming, Matthew Daley and Amy have been testing.
DLC Greenstone Issues
  1. Some problems this week with CopiBooks not connecting to the network share. Randall has been asked to keep a log of the occurrences.
Web Projects
  1. LibGuides - Peter McKay's Business Library is being outsourced. We will need two forth-level domains: one for the Business Library and another for LibGuides. Logan notes that we will also need two for the blog and wiki servers.
  2. Custom Google search added to the Web site.
Students and Department
  1. The students have begun to use their GatorOne cards with the new card swipes for access.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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