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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
December 14, 2007

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk
  1. The walls of Bobbie's new house are framed.
  2. Bobbie's granddaughter got her first deer - a doe.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders - all approved have been ordered.
  2. West public - reset the maintenance mode back to regular. Backups can now be pushed.
  3. IP conflict in Docs - with the Deep Freeze console - cause unknown.
  4. Systems training - starts in January. Every Tuesday - for a couple of hours. It will start with Logan teaching the SAN.
  1. No news on McAfee.
  2. SAN status - Logan deployed the first DLC virtual server. Storage space is set up - spanned storage. MSL redundancy is simplified. DLC file structure still in process. Permissions structure suggested by Erich needs to be changed. MSL is basically up. Should move forward on software deployment. DLC in East to match MSL - RepliStore. File structure for the Libraries needs to be done. Will base it on the org chart. Discussion of permissions. We could create department folders next week and leave the user folders on NT2R. Amy suggests doing this departmentally. Will is going to stop backing up NT2R at some point. After Christmas break we'll do the move. It seems reasonable to do it by department. New default server with option to redirect. From a management stand point, use a flat directory structure. Default user folder would be under home, moves would require reconfiguration of Outlook folders. User folder as home directory with quotas - currently only Domain Admins can change permissions. This will need to remain to maintain the Directory Structure. Need to have a way to follow changes. In the next few days, we need to develop a proposed layout. Will is opposed to home directory, initially. To implement, it can be changed in AD to set group policy. When the disk is full, the network is down - you wouldn't be able to work unless a copy is on the local machine.
  3. SMS- Amy requested a quote for the software upgrade. Dell has not responded.
  4. Campus AD - Amy is working on a script and is testing Xerox. Will test the CIRCA printing solution in January. To use Xerox, we would have to add the Xerox server.
Software Projects Status
  1. The Incident Report form that Chris has been working on is complete, pending Matthew Daley's approval.
  2. Patron updates - change - request from CIRCA to include pre-registered spring students.
  3. Barbara Oliver requested that Grace Strawn get most of Barbara's security roles as Barbara is retiring. Winston has official emails to have Grace authorized.
  4. DLC/Greenstone - nothing pressing.
Web Projects
  1. University Web group met with University Printing. They will be changing all print publication to Web publication. The head of the print group needs to cut 1.8 million by the end of the year. Web people are anxious and debating how to do it.
  2. Tech Services has requested that Tom Minton design new Web pages for them, including a blog for the staff side, navigation on the left with the template.
  3. Server-side includes will be one line and will cut out a slew of HTML. It does the same thing as JAVA. People who have changed the template, the global change will not work.
  4. Exchange Web server will be virtualized.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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