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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
December 7, 2007

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Stephen Williams
  1. Stephen is moving into his new condo this weekend.
  2. The framing package for Bobbie's new house was delivered this morning.
  3. Will attended an Exchange Advisory meeting - everything is on schedule. They are currently setting up the BES (Blackberry Exchange Server) for handhelds. It will all go live January 18-21. There will be consultants onsite to insure setup is correct. The possible change from .ufl to .uf is still under review.
  4. Will would like to start a training day each week in January with Logan - so we can all get some hands-on time with the SAN. Cross-training is a good idea; we just need to make the time to do it.
Review Minutes of 11/30/07
  1. Review #1 - Watercooler listserv - Will needs help from Logan to address the problem.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Pretty much caught up on orders.
  2. Backup Exec is working well. We've had successful backups all week. We'll start transporting the second generation of backup tapes to MSL for offsite storage starting Monday. We will rotate them every two weeks. We will need keys made for the file cabinet and racks. We will also need to print out an excel spreadsheet to go with the tapes to distinguish what they are.
  3. Will and Logan confirm that the SAN order is complete and Business Services can pay the bill.
  1. McAfee - Will is still working on it. Needs to configure the new version of EPolicy orchestrator.
  2. SAN status - East is pretty much set up. Both servers are installed and SAN is configured. It has two large arrays: 15 disks for Library staff and 19 disks for DLC. Disk space created for VM Ware.
    MSL was racked yesterday. There is an issue in that we need a 1G feed directly to the servers. Will also need to upgrade the switch and add more ports. By the end of next week we can experiment with software replication. Need to think about a dedicated area in MSL for all of our servers. Will to discuss with Bill.
  3. 3480 tapes- conversion is done. Debra is comparing NL tape maps and then will revisit the few problem tapes.
  4. Campus AD - we have tested public computers on AD. We could add Xerox to UF AD. Bill has been updated on the status. Amy is working on a script to move machines into AD. We will still need our own software to track what user is on what machine.
  5. Consolidated logging - it is running. Logan is watching it. Needs to be tweaked. It is running on a few servers now. When Logan has more time he will address it further.
Software Projects Status
  1. Blog/wiki server - did we speak with the Web 2.0 group? Yes, they said they did not want to be the deciding factor on policy. Jason Fleming has requested access to the wiki server. Matthew Daley wanted a secure wiki and give staff permission to edit it and let everyone be able to view it. It should all run under Apache.
  2. Grover - testing the ticket module. It will be ongoing, as there is a lot involved.
  3. Tracking database - new importer is in the test environment.
  4. Greenstone - the loader and pre-loader have been moved off SmathersNT25 and on to SL2K3DLCAV.
  5. Mark released UFDC toolkit.
  6. Chris and Stephen made changes to ITS reporting.
  7. Lori requested an incident report form for staff to use to report accidents, fire, theft, etc. It has to be dynamic and take attachments.
  8. Ongoing negotiations - Winston, Grace, Jim Stevens and FCLA and new PeopleSoft student financials - lost book & fines module. The way we transfer info will have to change.
  9. Progress is ongoing - Blake Landor, Carrie Newsome and Lori Driscoll - live analysis statistics and world catalog - tracking how much certain books circulate.
DLC Greenstone Issues
  1. Ongoing. Currently on hold while Logan is working on the SAN.
  2. Meeting with Erich and Bill - data on USB drives needs to be copied now. In a panic to get it up and the SAN. We are rushing to get it done.
Web Projects
  1. Tom is at a meeting with campus Web folks.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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