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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
September 7, 2007

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Mark Sullivan, Stephen Williams
  1. Will to be out all next week, but he will be available via email and phone.
  2. GatorLink authentication meeting - Winston attended last week. Discussion on identity and access management. There are 170,000 GatorLink accounts and 1.5 million UFIDs. Discussed services, portal, UF Directory - trying to get it symmetric across the applications. Also, no repeat sign-in on held-held devices. They want to improve security and provide standard access. This was an opening meeting to get people's attention and ideas. The changes are at least a year off.
  3. ITN process - Will attended a meeting last week - building bundles for campus ordering. They were asking for feedback. Controversy over processor speeds. Bundle prices should drop as time goes by. We are not forced to buy from them - there are other vendors.
  4. New VOIP phones - need to transition into using them. Unknown when they will remove the Norstar phones. Discussion of the accessibility of the campus directory as it pertains to direct calls/SYSHELP. The policy will be to ask the caller to create a trouble ticket via SYSHELP, or enter one yourself. If you fix something, no matter how minor, it is your responsibility to log a ticket. Failure to do so will be reflected on your evaluation. We still need to record a greeting on the main phone.
  5. Systems Staff meetings have now been rescheduled to: 10AM every Friday.
Review Minutes of 08/27/07
  1. Liaisons #3 - Logan and Amy came in over the weekend to work on the Deep Freeze issue in West, but they had no access to the building.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders - there are several in Will's queue. He will try to get them out today.
  2. Laptop batteries - Will sent an email to Dell - waiting for response. Need to have three on the shelf.
  3. East Conference room wireless keyboard & mouse - eats batteries and then must be reinstalled. Will to research and find ones with on/off switch.
  1. Inventory - the topic has been discussed at MMM and Directors meetings - they are all trying to help to get it done right. When we receive inventory with lots of errors, it will get referred to the department head.
  2. Training presumably went well.
  3. Verify-Patron consoles - will do the same fix for West. Problems with Deep Freeze - created new console and client. We need to install it.
  4. Leilani and Stacey Ewing have asked that, in order to lessen the confusion with the branches, we add Evan to the 'Person Assigned' field in the Trouble Tickets. We'd like for the assignment of the ticket to also notify an 'Info Commons' group (consisting of Paul and Stacey), in the event that Evan is out. All hardware problems in the HSS branches should be assigned to Evan.
  1. SAN servers- two are up and running. The SAN itself, Logan hopes to get to next week.
  2. SMS - DHCP is now active in East.
  3. Updates - public still disabled due to reboots. We changed the group policy, but it has not been tested.
  4. McAfee - most clients confirm they are connecting, but the auto-push is not working.
  5. Adding public machines to AD.
Software Projects Status
  1. Blog - Logan recreated a new version of the server -with the latest version of APACHE. No timeline as to when it will be available. Working on wiki software.
  2. Grover - almost done with the Administrator tab. Tickets will be next. We will need to have a field for UF property decal number in Grover.
  3. Tracking database v.3.92 is in the test area - waiting testing by Erich.
  4. Greenstone died this week (software end). Unknown as to why it stops working. Can fix by reinstalling. Mark will post the Greenstone list.
  5. Winston reports on an incident a few weeks ago - a patron hired for the fall semester as an adjunct professor - she was unable to get Library services as she was not in the system. She refused to show proof of employment. She complained to Judy. Now we are working on a way to provide services for patrons that are coming in and need to prepare for classes, but are not in the system. Winston, Shelley and Carol Turner had a meeting with Bridges about this topic. There are some plans in the works.
  6. Winston received an email form Lori - asking for iinformation on Patron Update changes - a sunset date for students who are scheduled to graduate - to limit the time they can check out material so that it is returned before they graduate.
Web Projects
  1. Tom will get a Strategic Planning web site up and running by Monday. There will be a link for it on the home page.
  2. Tom needs guidance to access the virtual web server for server-side includes.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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