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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
May 31, 2007

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Debra Fetzer, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Mark Sullivan, Stephen Williams
  1. Stephen's bowling tournament takes place at Alley Katz this weekend.
  2. Stephen may re-offer on a house in Timberway.
  3. Tom cannot recommend "Pirates of the Caribbean 3".
  4. The public computer seized for use in viewing child porn has not been returned.
  5. Will and Winston will be out next week. Will can be reached via email or phone.
Review Minutes of 05/14/07
  1. SW #5 - UFDC, not Greenstone.
  2. SW #2 - Mouse Tracks, not Fast Tracks.
  3. SW #6 - strike "yet". 2K3DLC - only has a 10G drive. It is not in use; Logan is going to upgrade it before it is put into action.
  4. SW #7 - remove link to blog.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders are still flowing - still waiting on quotes for the server consolidation: SAN - IBM 6.5TB, backup failover in MSL - we will consolidate the servers on the wall (except Web). Consolidation would eliminate nightly backup.
  2. There are some other orders waiting on quotes.
  3. Reassigning of replaced staff machines to public? 94 machines to be reallocated. Will upgrade the RAM to 2G. Need to get it on order. Then, based on Amy's list we will upgrade. GX260's on the list will be last. The GX110's & Dimension 8200's have small hard drives that are filling up. Will replace and add RAM to as many as possible. They may need to be VISTA capable. He can remove the hard drives from the Dimensions and put them in the 110's. RAM to be ordered and should be here in a week or so. Discussion on who should install the RAM upgrades. Will suggests letting the liaisons do it. Monitors - flat panels to go to the smaller units, and then shift to MSL. We will find out if Room 2 is available for Systems to use to store machines.
  4. Web server - will upgrade to 3GB each side.
  5. Greenstone Development and Production also need RAM upgrade.
  1. Do we have a projected date for staff VISTA training? Probably late summer. Will would like to roll it out with Office 2K7. Need to look at the whole package. Office 2K7 is extremely different. We'll probably roll VISTA by the end of July and Office 2K7 before the start of the fall semester.
  1. West video - no change - Ingersoll Rand, Security One - campus-wide problem.
  2. Xerox print server - PDF problem fixed by patch. Xerox now has a person on-call on the weekends for major problems.
  3. Web cluster failover is still a problem - DLC pages and shared folders are a problem. IIS configuration - finding different methods to copy from Web1 to Web2 did not work. Will keep working on it.
  4. Exchange server and mobile device synch problems: the new Director, Bill, Will and Lane Jimison use them, so we really need it working. It works on Exchange1 not Exchange2. Need to keep it on Exchange1. Chris, Cynthia or Logan can perform the failover. We'll keep working on this; can't do much during production hours.
  5. Backup Exec problems last 2-3 weeks. Most frequent shadow copy - wrong version or something - 2003 folder to select with a checkbox, new version of Remote Agents. Daily and corrupt mailboxes will always fail, but the data is there.
  6. Upgrade of 2K servers to 2K3 - four of them cannot be upgraded because of version of SQL and NT25. Need to push Remote Agent for Backup Exec, restart. NT4 weekly & daily - shadow copy component.
  7. NT4 - Client Access License - move to AD may eliminate Verify Patron. Chris has the latest version of Verify Patron that runs under GatorLink - may not need it under AD.
  8. VISTA for staff - it is good to go, if you follow the instructions to the letter. Can't figure out how to fix it if the instructions are not followed precisely. Stephen has been communicating with Campus AD and Microsoft about it. BDE steps are the problem, not the general VISTA program. Discussion about pushing the BDE as an image. We will try to give it a shot and see what happens. Logan and Stephen will work on the deployment. Once we can push it to the Systems staff, we can all get familiar with it and then Amy can set up staff orientation for VISTA.
  9. NT2R - waiting for quotes. Virtualization will be part of the package.
Software Projects Status
  1. PeopleSoft issues in Will and Winston's absence: assign to Will, cc Bill Covey.
  2. Request for payroll info from PeopleSoft to create Library database - tabled until Winston returns.
  3. Systems Management Tool -need input from everyone. Chris has almost finalized the database design. Of course, it can be changed. It was suggested that we have a naming contest for this program.
  4. Chris is also working on a project for Bill Covey, so he is splitting his time. Project has to do with data sent to OCLC everyday.
  5. Two new DLC Tracking database requests: source change and Bib IDs for location and sub-location. Never-ending project.
  6. Mark - no major changes to Greenstone. Working on Ephemeral Cities.
  7. Blog test - feel free to add anything - not just about VISTA. It can tag articles with a variety of objects. It is not fully live; we are the only ones using it right now.
  8. Docutek FTP - got it set up and it's running.
Web Projects
  1. Tom talked to Marilyn Ochoa about the new home page design. It is ready to go. Will implement at the beginning of Summer B - before Carol Turner retires in the early fall.
  2. New Metalib v.4 is on the FCLA test server. Conference call June 15. All of the universities have to go live at the same time. Tom may no longer be the one doing it.
  3. SPX button - today is the last day to vote. A poll is being taken to choose the most popular design. We will have to change it at all the vendor sites.
  4. XML Directory - not finished yet.
Students and Department
  1. Handout of general office rules discussed.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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