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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 19, 2007

Present: Thomas Bielicke, Will Chaney, Logan Clapp, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich
  1. There sure is a lot of pollen around.
  2. It's snowing in NYC right now.
  3. Peace Walkout at 1PM Tuesday.
  4. Supplies - they will be testing out a new policy on two departments - each department will be fiscally responsible for their own supplies. They'll be given a budget and will order directly from an outside vendor. If this is successful, the policy will be implemented for all departments.
  5. Education classroom project - in the old Judaica area - Facilities is contracting out the electrical to the wall. We will need to do the networking: four sets of desks, 24 data jacks - maybe 30 data. Amy is working with Dell to install the Smart Classroom.
  6. Library Dean candidate, Judith Russell, came back for a third interview. No word yet.
  7. Reclass - is almost ready for submission to UF HR. Most likely, a two-year deal.
  8. Meeting on East security - Rob met with a group of people in East to discuss security. West is hiring a security guard and they will have him secure the building (East) after it's closed. Cynthia attended the meeting, but she is not here to report back.
Review Minutes of 3/12/07
  1. Software #2 - should read that the carrel reservation system demo was to Lori Driscoll, not Michelle Foss.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Equipment orders are moving. Staff workstation order is almost ready. The decision was made to go with 19" monitor for all. Dual set-ups that are requested will be 17" monitors. The server replacement order (NT2R) with the redundant system for MSL and virtual server is also close to being ordered.
  1. West security cameras - still no news. Waiting for Security One.
  2. Xerox - new PC Tech to start this week. We rebuilt a compromised Xerox machine in West for Docs. Need to double-check on who is on the list to get security breach emails from CNS. Will was the only one to get it for the compromised West Xerox machine.
Software Projects Status
  1. ILLIAD is working - Michelle edited a Web page in Dreamweaver - it added character terms and it blew up - ILLIAD recommended that she use version 8.0 (she has 4.0). She will be requesting a copy soon.
  2. Demoed the Carrel Reservation System to Lori - she is testing it. We are formatting the requirements for Phase II, which will record the state of the rooms and notify Facilities.
  3. Tracking database - Tom is working on additional requests. Erich would like more flexibility to prioritize on SysRequest.
  4. Customization manager - new one is out. This can be taken off the list.
  5. Mark is back on Ephemeral Cities.
  6. UFDC - growth on server - maybe new backups - Winston will handle it.
  7. Tom B's machine was running slower and slower. Cynthia rebuilt it.
  8. ITS - a log off button has been added. It redirects you to a page that tells you to close your browser.
  9. Issue with a patron's records - we were sending overdue notices to the wrong address. Winston is working with Bridges to correct the address.
  10. Jason Fleming - all SQL tools have been installed for him.
Web Projects
  1. Tom has been asked to come up with a new design for the Library Web page (again). The committee wants the search boxes side by side. Now they want words in between the boxes.
  2. The Resource Navigation Committee is working on the Proxy page. There is a meeting with Health & Law on the Proxy pages - the failure page is part of the server. They'd like a common log-on, success and failure page for all of the Libraries.
  3. They want to emphasize GatorLink, not Library card numbers.
  4. Survey Monkey has been renewed. It had been purchased on Betty Mitchell's PCard and it was notifying her non-existent email about the cancellation. It has now been renewed on Sonia's PCard.
  5. In Cathy's absence (maternity leave), Bobbie Parker is the Web master for Preservation.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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