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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
January 22, 2007

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Amy Polk, Stephen Williams
  1. Stephen has a new cat he living with him on a trial basis named: Sparkles.
  2. West dedication set for Friday, Jan. 26.
  3. IT Expert interview set for this Wednesday. May need to use the Systems conference room.
Ongoing Systems Updates
  1. Training - Amy is working on it. No date set yet.
  2. Verify Patron test to be rescheduled. Everyone should have installed the new files.
  1. West - reporting NT2R at the wrong IP address. Bill Covey and Rob cannot reach it. May put a 2K3 box over there to use as the master browser.
  2. CNS - West Security video - they are working to get it functional. Trying to solve the private, secure VLAN issue.
  3. East conference room - done. Online checkout listed as: Wireless, East.
  4. Media Tech - room 100 - they are in there today working on it. Must be set up for the first Library Dean interview on Thursday. Dual screen set up with full podium and DVD/VHS.
  5. NT16 - still problematic - will be ordering a new part for it: split bus module.
  6. Back-ups are running, but have been taking a long time - 22 hours for the dailies. Will is looking into it. Weekly back ups are running fine.
  7. Xerox - problem at Music this morning. Unknown if it has been resolved at this time. Amy emailed Chrissy and Brent (Xerox).
  8. After Dell Media Tech finishes Room 100, we'll need to schedule them to finish up the work in West.
Software Projects Status
  1. Last minute request for mods on ITS (HR Training database). Will notes that Brian Keith was patting the programmers on the back for this application at the Support Services Meeting this morning. It will be demoed at the next town meeting.
  2. Matthew Mariner - had a problem in SysRequest - turns out he was trying to upload too big of a file. The error message received was not very informative - Chris is working on it.
  3. FCLA (SW #8 last week) - changing Dewey call numbers to different call numbers in ALEPH. We're figuring out a way to migrate them - the index is too long, so we are migrating 25,000 per day. Bill is happy with it.
  4. Forms-to-mail - Chris re-wrote it in C Sharp. It is now a new, simple database. Now we need to figure out how to deploy the required code change on departmental web sites using forms-to-mail. Send Tom Minton a list of the cookies - he can search and change it. Or, we can let the people who are using it know. Tom will figure it out. At that point, we can decommission the old server.
Web Projects
  1. New Library homepage is up and running. There is a new page: "Smathers Libraries in the News".
  2. Templates will not change for now.
  3. In the future, any changes to the Library site will require three-day notification.
Students and Department
  1. Spring semester student schedule has been finalized. We will have only two students: Vera and Luiza. Vera can work 31 hours per week. Coverage is good, only a few gaps.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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