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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
April 10, 2006

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Mark Sullivan, Ying Tang, Stephen Williams
  1. Carlton's PSA level is lower than .01!
  2. Tom Minton reports that the worst movie of 2006 is currently "Basic Instinct II".
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. There are a bunch of orders going out today.
  2. SQL server 2005 software has been received and installed.
  3. NT4 - RAM seems to have increased response. Ying deleted a lot - will talk to DLC.
  1. Winston conducted the last meeting in Will's absence. He brought the projector and demoed UFDC and the JPEG 2000 server.
  1. Still have the problem with the Web server back plane. The backup server has been rebuilt. Will tried repairing the drives. May restart it sometime this week and restore it to the new server.
  2. NT2 status - file server - still has files. No space on NT2R to move them. Bobbie discloses that NT2 is making bad noises.
  3. Cynthia notes that the UPS in room 2 (the old server room) has been beeping. Not good, need to check on it.
  4. Dell image-building service - we are planning to use it on the public machines first. Will and Geoffrey have a link to the Web page to allow customization of the image. Then they can ship us machines loaded the way we want.
  5. Circulation laptops - we will want them to be vendor-imaged. We will also purchase the complete care package for them, although Circulation wants to oopt out.
  6. Status of OmniView Video Splitter order - need t check on it. It has been backed ordered for awhile now.
  7. AD - on schedule for later this year. Maybe summer rather than fall. GatorLink and Exchange could move to campus.
Software Projects Status
  1. Quality Control - Bill wants more user testing before in-house projects go live. Unsure if a sign-off is necessary.
  2. Patron updates - fine.
  3. Accounting/Business Services - still meeting. Ready to go live with ILLIAD billing interface, but no one will commit.
  4. Grant tracking database - ERES - Stephen is working on it.
  5. SQL - DLC tracking - hope to switch it over this week.
  6. SQL 2005 - Bill wants it locked down so that only the allowed amount of licensed users can log on.
Web Projects
  1. Security on the Circulation Web page - the Circ manual has Ex-Libris information listed. It was password-protected, but Law and Health needed access. It was decided to leave the page unprotected. FCLA found it. On hold until a decision is reached.
  2. Usability studies for MetaLib - everyone finds it confusing. We'll have to think about this product. Interface must be agreed upon by all.


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