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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 20, 2006

Present: Will Chaney, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Geoffrey Stewart, Mark Sullivan, Ying Tang, Stephen Williams
  1. Comic Book panel discussion - Suzy spoke on her topic, but she had to follow someone commenting on the pornographic aspects of early comics - which naturally generated more interest. Othere than that, it went well.
  2. New programmer is here with us today: Stephen Williams.
  3. Tom's Academy Awards Contest ends this Friday.
  4. Library Council meeting last week - notes are posted on the Web. IT reorg topic came up - Bill gave his rendition. He has also put together a list of services the Libraries will opt up to CNS: wall plate, Web, email, authentication and print/file servers. March '07 will be the first phase. This shift in responsibilities should give us time to concentrate on more Library-specific jobs. We are currently on wall plate everywhere except East, which won't get dropped until the move back to West.
  5. Suzy will be leaving in October - need to do a brain drain. Suzy is making a list of knowledge to impart.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Dell finally picked up the remaining erroneously-delivered monitors from the last disastrous 170 workstation order. The only incident remaining is a credit for a returned workstation from that shipment that we are trying to determine the source/reason.
  1. Meeting this week. Any topics? Email Will.
  1. NT13 - GIS server - disk server is defragging - still a problem. Utilization is slow. Can we duplicate the error that patrons are receiving in-house? Yes: "Error 143 Server Not Available". Will is working on it.
  2. NT9 - running out of disk space on the C: drive. Geoffrey deleted a lot of old files and made more space with file compression. Now it says that it needs .net updates and it will be done. There is room to expand. Will use partition magic on it. Need to coordinate with the departments that use it: Preservation & DLC.
  3. KVM switch for dual monitors - setup wanted for Circ desk. Will has located one; will buy it to test.
  4. NT2R trouble - one of the nodes wouldn't let it fail over.
  5. Liaison Training Tues and Thurs room 100 - public computer area.
  6. Web Cluster - when it switches over to the second cluster, things are disappearing. Could be the Web 2 share name.
  7. The list of equipment for West is moving forward. Meeting on Wednesday. We seem to be close to ordering. Debra points out the need to make sure the final orders have the inside delivery option added.
  8. AD - pending reorg.
Software Projects Status
  1. Ariel and ILLIAD - meeting Friday. Lori was in attendance instead of Michelle. Some issues were resolved. There are issues with ILLIAD/Ariel - Arial is the tool that loads ILLIAD and it has problems. It is just coded badly. SQL server turns out to not be on the port they expected. The code can't be changed - have to change SQL to a new port. ILLIAD does not really support Ariel - they would rather you use their tool, Odyssey.
  2. ERES interface - few changes for submission side. Redesigned how the staff side should work - Chris is on it.
  3. Cathy Mook-Martyniak has requested a tool to help track grants.
  4. Greenstone - Ying's portion is done. She is back working on Tracking database.
  5. Greenstone Loader/Pre-Loader had problems last week when Gus was loading a lot of packages. Ying is troubleshooting.
  6. Ephemeral Cities - Mark is working on it. He gave a great presentation recently and is scheduled to do another for Cataloging.
Web Projects
  1. MetaLib testing is being handed over to Public Services. Not all IPs are correct - need to straighten this out with FCLA.
  2. Dale has allocated up to $1000 to renew Web Monkey software. Jana wants to use it to keep count of instant messaging. The way it works, only the Webmaster can see the results. We currently have about 7-8 active surveys. We hope to use this to replace forms-to-mail.
Systems Security Management
  1. Meeting held.


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