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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
December 5, 2005

Present: Will Chaney, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Geoffrey Stewart
  1. Tom mentions that he received a free teeth-cleaning offer over the Library Web site - from a student at Shands. Contact Tom if interested.
  2. Bobbie's granddaughter was in a wedding over the weekend.
  3. Geoffrey did not kill any more spiders over the weekend.
  4. Toys for Tots bins going out this week.
  5. Holiday celebrations abound.
  6. Systems luncheon is tomorrow.
  7. Software group will be out to Orlando this Thursday - new SQL release.
  8. Tom Minton has moved to room 300C. 392-4197.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Net Agent is broke again. It worked for a day.
  1. Will is working with the liaison installation of McAfee. Firewall needs to be disabled, and then he can push it. Need to check on group policy as sometimes it is changing it back to firewall on.
  1. Joe is just about done rebuilding NT13.
  2. Public computers - plan to reconfigure went out the window. Need new plan due to Geoffrey's injury.
  3. McAfee. Firewall problems go to Will.
  4. Greenstone - Will to work on the networking, and then turn it over to Winston.
  5. BBS - Geoffrey to look at it.
  6. West computers - more money added. Now HSSS can get all of the machines they want. The question at hand is whether to order now or wait until spring. The Directors are supposed to decide. Right now, Dell is running a special where we can get a $1700 computer for $1000. Thirty for staff, thirty for public will be ordered. We are waiting to see if they want to add another 130 to the order. Should know by this week.
Software Projects Status
  1. Meeting on Friday for the ILL/Accounting interface. TOAD is completely out of the picture. Two-month test run of ILLIAD - will start using the filing manager when ILL can get it ready. Grace's area will take care of existing invoices through the end of October.
  2. ERES Access Services - should be in testing by this time next week.
  3. DLC Loader - it is actually in use now. DLC is submitting info. It is in beta mode.
  4. UFDC customization manager - Ying's other project. Erich signed off on the requirements last week. It is just getting underway.
  1. Tom to speak on blogs and RSS at PSC.
  2. There are actually 3 existing Library-related blogs: setup for MSL staff, Tech Services staff and Macro Express.
  3. Unsure of what will become of it all, but Martha is very interested in blogs.
  1. Working on a spring semester schedule.


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