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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
August 22, 2005

Present: Will Chaney, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich
  1. Support Services Division Meeting - fairly uneventful. Main topic turned out to be the 5-6 machines that were compromised over the weekend. There was a disruption in fob service. The server is being rebuilt. Doors in West were unlocked over the weekend, but tied shut with Ethernet cables. They are going to devise permanent cabling in the event that this type of event should occur again.
  2. Library Council Meeting - last week - highlights:
    a) OPS Allocations - spreadsheet distributed. Need to stay within the budgeted amount.
    b) Name Tags - Staff ID tags were distributed. Patrons should be able to readily identify Library staff. This is a blatant marketing/public relations tool, not a security precaution. Remember to be friendly and courteous at all times.
    c) TEAMS Retention Policy - Brian Keith covered this topic in depth. If you are a TEAMS employee and on probation & not renewed, you will get a 3-month notice of non-renewal and severance pay. Prior to 6/30/05, you get 6 months notice, severance pay and administrative leave.
    d) Staff Food - no food deliveries at the front door of the Libraries. If you have to meet a delivery person, go to the side/back of the building. Staff cannot obviously bring food into the building. You must somehow disguise/hide it.
    e) USPS Personal Holiday - still available, new guidelines: won't be able to enter into PeopleSoft until after July 13 of the new fiscal year. If you take it July 1-13, you'll have to wait until July 14 for it to show up in the system.
    f) West Café - negotiations have resumed. Have been trying to get Starbucks. Still no deal.
  3. UF President Meeting - microphones were not used, rendering much of the speech inaudible.
  4. UF IT Security - procedures for compromised machines - new document received from CNS last week. We remove our compromised machines from the network immediately. They must be formatted and rebuilt. We also have to report to CNS online as to the steps we've taken with the machines. Need to follow-up and close old cases.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders -Backup Exec - waiting for the vendor name to be added to the UF Vendor File. Will try to speed up the order.
  2. GX270's under repair - received 6 from MSL this morning.
  3. There were two machines that the Dell tech was working last Friday that did not get repaired. Bobbie is following up with a call to Dell repair.
  1. Paperwork return has amazingly improved. There are only 3 machines that are still unreported. Need to check with Bill Hanssen to verify that the machines are really being turned in to Facilities.
  2. Public computer configuration - Systems has done all they can. Public Services liaisons have not done too many. Directors are considering eliminating the liaison program. Even so, repair techs cannot deny trouble tickets based on a single project that is absorbing all of their time. Tickets should be evenly distributed amongst all technicians.
  1. Tim from CNS has scheduled Nick to come over tomorrow and re-label East.
  2. AD migration - still on hold. Trying to schedule for after Labor Day. Will be about a 2-week process.
  3. West computers - status the same. Some money has been allocated.
  4. Campus AD Fall '06 - looks promising, unless we have to rename all of our accounts.
Software Projects Status
  1. Patron Update - Wednesday (the first day of classes) we will begin the weekly updates. After that, it will be run every Monday.
  2. Issue: Martha, Carol Turner, and Lori Driscoll all had people who needed permission to look at PeopleSoft Directory. Winston contacted Bridges and they were able to give them the browse role without attending training.
  3. Greenstone Development - making good progress. Loader - auto feed through set of processes for load of data. Bounding box problem has not been solved.
  4. Ephemeral Cities - developing in parallel to Greenstone.
  5. New Programmer position - Stadium bounced it back to Winston. Wanted more specifics.
  6. Jabber - UF instant messaging - Ref Express folks want it investigated as an alternative. There is a problem setting up GatorLink ID with security identification. Waiting on Jabber people to try to get it to work with other mechanisms.
  7. Law Library - Daniel Crissman is asking for a demo of Verify Patron.
Web Projects
  1. UFDC & DCUF (IR) - lots of changes.
  2. Martha wants some changes made to the Staff site. May require PHP behind the scenes.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Vera and Grace working Monday & Tuesday.
  2. All three students return on Wednesday.


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