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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
August 8, 2005

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Chris Nicolich, Geoffrey Stewart, Mark Sullivan, Ying Tang
  1. Bobbie's friend who was struck ill by the commercial-grade Round-Up is making progress. He is out of the coma.
  2. Bobbie got a new haircut. We love it!
  3. Divisions Heads meetings have been rescheduled for Mondays at 10:30AM.
  4. If you see a gator on a lake, they will not come to retrieve it unless you own property on the lake. Bobbie saw a gator in Lake Geneva and they would not respond to her call, even though it is a public area.
Review Minutes of 8/1/05
  1. Compaq replacement drive received.
  2. GX270's - are we replacing the motherboards on a mass scale? No, they have to be called-in individually. The problem is with bulging and corroding capacitors. Five were replaced this morning.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Compaq drive received - installation was painless.
  2. NT2R - went down last week. Both drives failed. They weren't dead; they just failed. We brought one online and just rebuilt the other. All the data was still there.
  1. Met last week.
  2. Reminded them about surveying old machines and providing paperwork. So far, we've received info on two machines.
  1. NT2 - has been giving us a little bit of trouble.
  2. Exchange server - on hold pending AD migration. The PO for the migration was at UF Purchasing, last we heard.
  3. Greenstone - installed. Minor problem: bad drive, plus spare drive not running.
  4. BBS - need to wire and get OS installed - then PHP and SQL.
  5. Ref Express - Jana thinks we did not pay the maintenance. They may try the Jabber message service, but it is campus-only. They'd prefer a broader access messenger service.
  6. Public workstations - trying to get it all fully automated. There was a problem with the Documents department area where we were testing - a port was blocked and HCP problems. Also, Docs is on both static and fixed IPs. Basically, they are on two different networks. This makes the management console difficult. Trish said her area (and probably most of the Library) would prefer to manage each workstation individually. She intends to broach this subject at a meeting.
Software Projects Status
  1. Patron Updates -weekly version should be ready for fall.
  2. Greenstone - integrating Ying's Table of Contents with Mark's search and other functions.
  3. New Programmer position request to be delivered Library HR this afternoon.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Vera and Grace will be working during the break for the next 2 weeks.
  2. All three students (Grace, Vera & Luiza) will be returning for the fall. There are 1 or 2 time gaps where they all have a class at the same time, but most of the week is covered and their schedules may still change.


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