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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
May 16, 2005

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Debra Fetzer, Chris Nicolich, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Winston is in Washington, DC for the NDNP kickoff meeting.
  2. Mark Sullivan is on a search committee.
  3. Cynthia watched Star Wars for six hours this weekend.
  4. Geoffrey's father was visiting this weekend.
  5. Systems Response Priorities - handouts distributed. The Web server has been going down early in the morning and none of the hardware folks have been here - Cynthia has now learned how to restart NT8, since she is here early Call Will at home if there are problems. Systems Web page will be updated with his correct numbers. His home number is: 332-2442. If there is a problem, call Will and he will try to talk you through it. Restart is often the answer.
  6. Division Meeting Notes: Library Town Hall meetings to be held the 4th Thursday of each month, 1:30-3:00PM.
  7. CIRCA Meeting - Geoffrey has been working on the security console for public workstations. Public Services would like the new labs going into West to be just like CIRCA. Will, Bobbie and Geoffrey met with the CIRCA staff. Their operation is a well-oiled machine. They build their own machine, have a budget, configure 400 machines in the lab, have a lab to work in, can test equipment, purchase $50,000 of software per year (splitting the cost with colleges), student assistants help patrons with the computers, they test new ways of doing things, have a consistent interface, allow only students to use their machines, etc. Log off/on takes 1.5-1.75 minutes. We get complaints after 20 seconds. Following this meeting, Will documented the findings and sent it to Bill. Bill will pass it on to Carol Drum, then Public Services and ask them how much they are willing to pay for supporting this sort of set up. We'll see what is decision is reached.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders - quotes in hand for servers: BBS, Greenstone, Library Web.
  2. Missing computers from Dell shipment - replacements in production, should be received this week.
  3. 22 more Dell Optiplex workstations have been ordered.
  4. Public Services requesting USB cables. Will make a consolidated order with Gary. Once we have a number, the order will be placed in SysRequest.
  5. Barcode adapters - will order in bulk.
  1. Outages - Exchange Web mail and Web server.
  2. Web Exchange - is fixed now. Uninstalled/reinstalled Outlook Web access. Even with that, the service would stop running every 6-7 hours. Monday reinstalled Option 4. No more problems since Friday.
  3. NT8 - may reinstall the Web portion on next job - unless a reinstall of IIS on NT8 fixes it. Rebuilding of Web server - may have to migrate first.
  4. BBS server - is down. Hackers took it over on Thursday and Friday. Rebuilt it on Friday, got it up and running - Friday night, the same thing happened again. It is a Linux box - these people know what their doing. Rebuilt again on Saturday - the order of the security patch installation seems to make a difference. The server has been online all week, just waiting for Bill to put the BBS back online. It is a good thing we have three people (Winston, Bobbie & Geoffrey) going to Linux class in the near future.
  5. AD - CIRCA is already on AD. They are using GatorLink. Still looking at Fall '06? May be forced to do it sooner. Our version of Exchange is old. Can't upgrade without AD.
  6. EShare replacement for RefExpress - not such a pressing project at the moment.
Software Projects Status
  1. Facilities Trouble Tickets - Debra just received a call from John Humphrey about it. She was unaware of its existence; John was unaware of its implementation. Cynthia and Winston demoed it to Facilities last Friday. John was out on vacation last week and apparently hadn't spoken to anyone in his department. His main question was about the Trouble Ticket Viewer - per Cynthia: it has not been implemented yet.
  2. Marc Decoder - delivered and done. Julia Allen is happy with it, although there may possibly be a Phase Two.
  3. Winston and Chris - Authentication - graphic changes - GatorLink ID can be added. Standalone application in C-Sharp. Chris is researching, at Winston's request, if it can hook up with Campus AD. There is a remote log-on option on the Library Web site where you can put in either your 14-digit ID or GatorLink. Chris will talk to Tom about that code.
  4. Ying - File Sort for Tracking Database - involves a lot of data structure and design. Will need to get Winston involved. It is still in a pre-Phase Two stage. Ying can work some of the code, but will need Winston for the table design. Mark and Ying have different opinions about this.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Ying is holder of the Golden Ram this week.


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