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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
May 2, 2005

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Chris Nicolich, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Bobbie has her 30 years of service as of today. She is now officially eligible for retirement.
  2. Water bill - message from Bill that he will be terminating his account by the end of this month. We need to decide if we want to continue buying water. It will be more expensive if we are splitting it, because Bill used to cover the costs a lot. Someone will have to put the bill in his or her name. It is a lot of responsibility. Nothing has been decided as of yet.
  3. New staff meeting time: Monday afternoons at 2:00PM.
  4. Division Heads Meeting - task survey to be handed out this week. Should only take a few minutes to fill out - giving percentages of how you spend your time throughout the day. Rob Roberts brought up request for a new port for the new door in the south end of the hallway by Systems. Turns out, there are five ports available in the closet, so any requests that have been made can be cancelled.
Review Minutes of 4/26/05
  1. Parking Permits - Misty had two for us (one unlimited service drive, one 1-hr service drive). Will be stored in the file cabinet in server room, with a sign-out sheet to fill out upon use/return.
  2. The two missing CPUs (in last shipment) will be replaced by Dell.
  3. Library Goals - signed copy has not been returned to Will. It is in Tom Minton's mailbox.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Regarding new Dells, XP machines cannot install Office because they are unable to browse NT2 to download it.
  2. More Dells enroute. 25 should be here today or tomorrow.
  3. Work at Home Microsoft software has been ordered through Dell. A portion of it is currently on back order.
  1. Meeting scheduled this week. Geoffrey would like to discuss new machine procedures and get a list of current liaisons. Debra would like to make sure liaisons are aware of LIBBS. There is a link for it on the staff page of the Library Web site.
  1. Exchange Outlook Web mail was broken this morning. A reboot of the server at lunch fixed the problem. Trouble Tickets were also down at that time.
  2. Backup to disk - still failing.
  3. UPS failure North Tower - took three UPS' down to the Com closet. Finally got one to work. There was also trouble with the front door not locking over the weekend. There seems to have been power/voltage fluctuation in that end of the building.
  4. West computers - Dog & Pony show tomorrow - Geoffrey to demo new public workstation set up for Public Services. They may still want it to be the same as CIRCA. Need to get Public Services endorsement for public workstation set up.
  5. Web server migration on hold. Need to rebuild the old NT8R box.
  6. AD - still set to join the campus tree in Fall 2006. Winston received an email from Mark Hoyt asking us to participate in campus AD. He will forward the email to Will.
Software Projects Status
  1. EShare replacement for Ref Express - ongoing.
  2. Marc decoder - code is done, will be sending it out this week. They have asked for a few more mods - may have a second phase.
  3. Patron Update frequency - no news. It is scheduled to run next Monday and Wednesday. Winston will be out on Monday, so Ying may have to do it. Still need to discuss frequency with Public Services and Rich.
  4. DLC Lessons Learned - Ying presented the first session today. She did a great job. More to come.
  5. Mark Sullivan is out this week.
  6. East Florida - Jim sent the files, Chris is working on it.
  7. The Learning Database - a programming request by Steve Shorb/Bill. It is a prototype - no time requirement - will be used to help departments analyze their needs based upon worker skills - a talent inventory, of sorts. Cynthia is working on graphical ways to do this.
  8. Winston has several open SysRequests.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Division calendar - Outlook manipulation - single calendar fed from other departmental calendars. We assume Bill is developing this.
  2. Bill's magazine subscriptions - he has asked what we want to do with them - if no one reads them, then cancel the subscription. Will says they can all come to him. Bill's new phone number will be: 392-6392 (Steve Shorb's old number).


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