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Systems Staff Meeting Notes
April 11, 2005

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Mark Sullivan, Ying Tang
  1. Cynthia had a good visit to Mexico. Now she really wants to travel more. Next stop: Ireland.
  2. Will had a good vacation last week. His daughters caught 17" and 15" rainbow trout.
  3. Will has had a busy schedule already today: 9AM Divisions Head Meeting, 10AM Info Commons Meeting and 11AM staff Meeting. Info Commons - unclear about the exact number of computers, but they want them to be uniform - same as the CIRCA lab set up. Division Heads - Xerox printing and the copiers are losing us money. We are looking for an alternative. Need to tap into the Gator all-in-one card. Not possible for printing, per Barbara Oliver. The public area also has to provide for non-UF printing.
  4. Systems lines are being cut. We are now in the Support Services Division. Suzy, Rich and Tom are now in the Technical Services Division as Coordinators. They are no longer on the Systems email list. They are included in a new TS Coordinators list (tscoord).
Review Minutes of 3/28/05
  1. Library all-staff meeting was not held. Has not been rescheduled yet, but will be - with more notice.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders - computers: list of 155 that are out-of-warranty. The 92 that are 2002 are in the process of being replaced. The remaining machines await word from Martha. Discussion of allocations, Will recommends replacement list be handled in Systems.
  2. Office 2003 home use - no word.
  3. Office 2003 - for staff - Martha wants us to get it. It was discussed and decided upon in Middle Managers.
  4. MS 2003 Server order - Debra confirmed with Dolapo that the order went out, but no word or software has been received. Debra will check with the Dell sales rep.
  1. Paul Losch - has reserved the projector-to-go and Laptop 11 for checkout for the Salaam conference over the weekend. Bill had mentioned something about providing him with the old Systems laptops (that were recently replaced with Toughbooks). Will says he is aware of the request to use the older laptops.
  2. Cathy Mook wanted the projector for this Friday, but it has been reserved for Paul. Will inform her that the East conference room projector is available, but must be used in the conference room. She wanted to use it in Preservation.
  1. Web server - has been timing out for short bursts then coming back. Often occurs around 11AM and 3PM. The long-range plan is to move it to a new server. It has a lot of unused stuff on it that needs to be cleaned up. Will see if Tom can get rid of some excess before the migration.
  2. Backups ran fairly well last week in Will's absence. Slight failures.
  3. Info Commons in West - 150 machines mentioned by Gary. Wants the configuration and function to be the same as CIRCA machines.
  4. Verify Patron - Geoffrey says it is a done deal. Can remove it from the agenda.
  5. AD - waiting on the 2003 server software and summer break.
Software Projects Status
  1. DLC Tracking - Phase One is finished. Collecting requirements for Phase Two. In between, programmers are taking time to document the codes. Ying and Mark are going to give a tutorial to the rest of the software staff on CSharp.
  2. Lawan and Julia Allen - ALEPH Link Checking - program to pull a limited number of ALEPH files with a MARC tag and turn it into a Web page. They also want a general tool to process out MARC tags.
  3. Bill has requested a change to SysRequest so that it notifies the user when HW/SW is ready for pickup. Right now it only notifies the requestor, which is always the user. Many times people are unaware that they should come and pick up their items.
  4. Lori Driscoll - would like us to increase the frequency of Patron Updates. Student side is easier to do than the Employee. Bridges can't get the list of employees to Winston - they keep saying any day now.
  5. ILLIAD upgrade - should happen in a week or so.
  6. EShare - Ref Express software upgrade - Bill was looking into it.
  7. Permissions database - on hold? Discussion group dissolved - key players are leaving.
  8. East Florida database - waiting for Jim Cusick to give info.
  9. Ephemeral Cities - project that Mark is working on. It contains old city directories. They are trying to tie the digital records to old fire maps. It is being integrated with Joe Aufmuth's GIS data.
Web Projects
  1. Clean up Web server.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. OPS pay raises start summer semester. All appropriate paperwork has been turned into HR.
  2. Students will be off the first week of May, returning May 10. All of our current students will be returning.


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