Systems Staff Meeting Notes
November 22, 2004

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Parking at the mall was outrageous this weekend.
  2. The beach was gorgeous.
  3. ITAC NI meeting - introduced Marc Hoit, the interim IT VP. He was going to be the head of Student Affairs for PeopleSoft, but since that project has been dropped, he is now replacing Chuck Frazier. It is unknown how long the position will continue to exist - probably at least a year. Hoit has lots of programming and networking experience and was a prior Associate Dean. Student Affairs is anticipating funding changes to pass the legislature - possibly to block funding (paying for 15 hours). There is a big push for campus universal VOIP. We're short about $1 million to do it. VOIP seems to have problems, but the theory is it will work better with more people using it. The first impulse is to do it and them charge to pay for it. Hoit will be making a presentation on VOIP.
    Phase One - grid computing project. We are 221st on the supercomputer list.
    Hoit asked what problems he should also be addressing (other than PeopleSoft) and the answer was: disaster recovery. We can have disaster plans, but they must be hidden so that they are not accessible to potential terrorists.
  4. Cash out for Christmas leave - TEAMS people must file it this week for it to show up in the Dec 4th paycheck. You'll need to consult with Evelyn to make sure you have enough hours. Go to 'View Last Paycheck' to get your leave balance. If you need more info, we can try to get reports.
  5. UF won again. Tampa won this time. Dolphins lost in the last minutes. Oakland lost.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. We will be replacing the current crop of laptops for check out. Will is testing different models, but we'll probably go with the Panasonic ToughBooks.
  2. TILT - same scenario as the dead HD - now it beeps. Should it die, we have a reload strategy (replace SCSI drive). For now we're leaving it alone until the end of the term. It is up and running.
  1. Journalism - renovation of the Circ desk - all of the networking and electric is being redone. Bobbie is meeting with Judy from Network Services tomorrow.
  2. Will also get Judy to check on the switch in Special Collections - needs another wire.
  3. ALEPH printing - status is the same, still waiting for Lori to come up with the set ups.
  4. Printer in MSL - misbehaving - request to increase the memory. It is a Dell side printer, there is no reason for it not to work - will try another.
  5. VOIP computers in West - wiring is going in, they decided to install cable trays. Probably all public access will be wireless. VOIP is $5 per port; if you have VOIP phone, the charge for it is free. You pay for the wiring installation - there's no charge for idle ports.
Software Projects Status
  1. PeopleSoft permissions - we are now requesting them, most seem to be going through - some bounce.
  2. Winston has received a request from Denise Bogart to make some changes to the Personnel database.
  3. Chris is working on an output report for St. Nick.
  4. Cynthia has finished Patron Transfer processing and is waiting for the final transfer file from Bridges (due after Thanksgiving).
Web Projects
  1. Web security review - Tom has received three positive responses. People are inquiring as to whether closing procedures are considered a security risk. The answer is yes. Circ Manual - if it's password access-only, then it can stay online.
  2. Surveys - Tom receives lots of requests to create online surveys. We have decided to get a year subscription to The surveys are done on their Web sites. It analyzes and reports on the fly. Cost is $200 per year, limit is 1000 responses per month and the gatekeeper will be Tom Minton. Rich notes that the mini surveys he used to have on the Library Web page always got a good response. Method of payment is under negotiation.
  3. Discussion: staff blog or bulletin board services. Bill says bulletin boards - maybe. Would have to be on a dedicated box.

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