Systems Staff Meeting Notes 08/30/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
August 30, 2004

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Tom Minton, Chris Nicolich, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. New tropical storm heading our way.
  2. Buzz about UF becoming a MS campus for software for $6000 per year. Would include Office Suite, Client Access for servers, Exchange and OS upgrades. The catch is that you don't own it. It is on a subscription basis. Could be an economic problem for smaller departments.
  3. Big hoo-haw at HootErp - grand summit due to the complaint of one librarian at the Law School who has to enter twice in both PeopleSoft and ALEPH. PeopleSoft is saying that the Library changed its requirements, but we were not told all of the info that was required. They'll make their changes; then we'll make ours.
  4. The Library Web site was down over the weekend. Rich noticed it early and Gerald sent a SYSHELP. Bill got it back up.
Review Minutes of 8/23/04
  1. Books still on order for Systems programmers.
  2. Rugged laptop order still out - need to check with Betty on status.
Ongoing Systems Updates
  1. Attachments in Exchange - AV still held up in Exchange
  2. Secure server - not coming up. Log on failure due to password change.
  3. ALEPH printing - Will received an email from Carol Turner regarding printing problems in ALEPH. Education was getting pop-up windows that said they were sending emails. It prints locally, but will not send email. The pop-ups were supposed to be fixed in June. All of the problems seem to point to a bug in ALEPH.
  4. All ALEPH problems should be reported through SYSHELP. ALEPH/FCLA problems will be directed to Rich.
  5. Public workstation security - no one available - HSS&S re-prioritized Marvin's duties. Bill will check on this. The public workstation security should be broadly installed by now, not just on XP.
  6. CNS - open ticket at ALF - first one on wall plate. Need to check on it and see if they've fixed it.
Software Projects Status
  1. Added ALEPH IDs for FilmLog. Done.
  2. Patron Update - ran Friday, worked fine.
  3. New CSharp project for Cynthia & Chris: St. Nicholas Index for Rita Smith in Special Collections. Index of children's stories. Will require multiple tables. Ying is providing support.
  4. DLC Tracking - ongoing. Phase One requirements doc from Erich. Ying is finishing up input forms.
  5. Potential project for Special Collections: Cuban Notary Protocols. Very similar to the East Florida Papers.
Web Projects
  1. Template Conversion - we will be buying large numbers of Contribute 3. Right now it is still on back order, according to Macromedia.
  2. Tom thinks the problem with her Dreamweaver 4 software is that it is conflicting with her Contribute 2. If so, we will have to wait and see if Contribute 3 also causes conflict with Dreamweaver.
  3. The Web-authoring software distribution will be a two-tiered system. Local department chairs will determine who gets Dreamweaver (Web master) and who gets Contribute (content providers).
  4. The Web guidelines will be re-written. Red font will be outlawed, as well as yellow backgrounds.

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