Systems Staff Meeting Notes 07/12/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
July 12, 2004

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Chris Nicolich, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Everyone survived yesterday’s stormy weather.
  2. Library Council meeting last week – Bill was out sick. They announced how they would be divvying up the money raised for Librarians and Travel. It was a complicated resolution based on evaluation. After 24 hours, the decision was rescinded and another meeting called for this morning, in order to come to another resolution. There are rumors that the Library may try to do something for the ‘little people’ who make it all possible. More than likely it will be used to upgrade faculty salaries.
  3. PeopleSoft – Oh, how it does not work! Check your leave balances (under Quick Links). Approvals will be back in the hands of the appropriate supervisor, not just Bill. All of the Library staff got paid – some more than they should have. If this happens to you, it would be wise not to spend it, as you will only have to return the extra portion.
Review Minutes of 6/28/04
  1. Nothing on the halon fire suppression.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Still no ordering -the Directors are getting miffed. There is trouble with the PeopleSoft part of the ordering procedure. Orders can be placed, but vendors are not getting paid. We may start to at least spend money on repairs (Directors’ laptops, for example) by next week.
  2. Laptop 5 (for checkout) is on the fritz – the back lighting on the screen is non-functional.
  3. Distribution of last shipment? Everything that was on the distribution list has been picked up.
  1. IE still considered harmful – two weeks ago an incurable security hole was discovered. In the interim, Microsoft released a patch, but it has since been proved that the hole still exists.
  2. Firefox patch – announced last week to liaisons. This resulted in a number of interesting inquires. No, we do not recommend abandoning IE and only using Firefox. IE is the only browser officially supported on the UF portal. Current version of Firefox should be .9.2. The browser world is in a state of flux.
  3. ALEPH printing status – it’s a little better than two weeks ago. There are still lots of problems. It is not printing what it’s supposed to and/or is printing blank pages.
  4. Geoffrey is finishing up the revision of public workstation security – awaiting the purchase of Management Utility software. The developer said he would modify it for us and that it will work with W2K as well as XP. We will send him a proposal of our requirements and see what he will charge. In the meantime, we will keep looking as it is unknown if he can make the mods, if the price will be right, etc. Geoffrey discovered the developer and his product through a reference on a forum. He is recognized by Microsoft and will provide support.
  5. Ref Express on NT11 – Last week and the week before, the application shut down on Friday. The first time it was reported at 3:30PM and Bill couldn’t find the problem, but it was back up on Monday. The next time it was reported earlier in the day so Bill had more time to research. Turns out, the service queues for Thursday and Friday were somehow deleted. Someone with administrative access made this change. No one had reported any problem to Systems on Thursdays, only Fridays. Service personnel will no longer have admin rights on that server.
Software Projects Status
  1. Chris is looking into Verify Patron.
  2. Spine Label has been completed. No word yet from Doug Smith. Unicode characters are now printing correctly thanks to a 3rd party (freeware) component.
  3. POS/Inventory for Facilities – should be finished today. Bill wants to review the most recent changes.
  4. Zoning – Ying is finished with the earlier requirements. The pixel problem is resolved. Now they’ve come up with new requirements – they want to be able to drag and change the image size.
Web Projects
  1. Tom Minton will be joining us soon. He will be physically located in Suzy’s current dwelling in DLC. Suzy will be moving to Phek Su’s old office in Resource Services.
  2. Web Templates – Debra attended Tom’s class. Library Departmental Web pages need to be converted to the new styles, using the provided templates.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. New student: Adriane McGhee.
  2. Students need to focus on getting the correct name of the caller when transferring calls.

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