Systems Staff Meeting Notes 06/07/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
June 7, 2004

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Winston’s birthday is this Thursday, June 20.
  2. Winston had hail at his house this weekend.
  3. It was mercifully cooler this weekend.
  4. Geoffrey pulled up carpet in his house over the weekend.
  5. New hire: Chris Nicolich – new programmer. He currently works in MSL as OPS. He is scheduled to start work here on Thursday, June 10.
  6. PeopleSoft Web material – everyone should be viewing the web tutorials. The system will be tested – they will be adding one cent to all employees’ direct deposit accounts. It will be removed the following pay check. The system is scheduled to go live on June 18. Data entry will begin June 18; leave time – June 21. Even the Bridges database person warns that you should have at least two checks in the bank! They do have a fallback position: to run the preceding payroll if the new system fails. Steve Shorb has started his PeopleSoft training this week.
  7. Bill is reviewing all permissions for the Libraries (task assigned as of last Friday).
  8. Spam statistics: Hotmail receives 2 billion pieces per day.
Review Minutes of 5/24/04
  1. Ann #7 – no word on Halon inspection. They have not returned.
  1. Computer distribution – should be distributing the last 20 of the most recent shipment of 50. The ‘Vault Queen’ (Bobbie) has been doing networking stuff all week, but Geoffrey has 5 ready to go for Access Services. One is ready for Steve Shorb, but it has not been picked up yet. Russ has been calling Bobbie on a regular basis to see if any are read for Facilities. People have not been directly notified that machines are ready to be picked up. Need to get the message out.
  1. Bobbie has been working on the switches – trying to determine how the core hacker got in. One of the switches that was hacked had the banner changed to read: banner configured by Core Hacker, will call police if the IP’s are changed. In total, 5 of 52 switches were compromised. We think they accessed through an ancient Cisco Web vulnerability. They could have been used to launch a DOS attack, but they were not. It’s possible that during a power outage the switches reverted to the old configuration that left them with open vulnerability.
  2. UPS uniform hoax – says there is a terrorist alert from the FBI because 32,000 UPS uniforms were sold on EBay. It appears more authentic because the notification was sent out from the military. This is a hoax – hit delete and move on.
  3. ALEPH printing project – last week we were requested to set up several workstations throughout the Libraries to provide ALEPH printing. Will has discovered that users do not know how to even use ALEPH, to say nothing about printing from it. The task is now in the hands of FCLA and public services. They are testing to see if they can get it to work. The jobs they are trying to print are so big they may break the ALEPH client. People are in a panic because the Dell printers only hold 150 sheets of paper.
Software Projects Status
  1. ALEPH data exchange – Winston and Bill attended a meeting where they got a view of the data. UF directory API’s – 2 calls would be required. UUID’s to UFID’s – there are a million and a half records – the number of UUID’s in the system. Winston has the table, but has not run the query yet. This is all in preparation for the Patron Load. For the SSN dump to PIN, will use birthday month/year format. Need to coordinate with Rich to change the info on the server.
  2. Accounts receivable – Jack Waters – Winston sent encrypted file in dedicated directory to ERP – they received it, sent word back that it was named wrong.
  3. . Spine Label – should be done for now – they had sent some new requirements to compress files.
  4. Facilities – problems with POS/Inventory – Cynthia is about one week behind – Delphi is arguing about pointers and cursors.
  5. Zoning – almost complete – old zoning tools don’t sort, they save according to the order they’re drawn – something to do with the feed to OCB. Almost ready for testing, just need text from DLC to label.
  1. Suzy is backing up Rich this week (vacation).
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Timecards online – students will review the Bridges tutorial for Web Clock. Should be ready to go on June 18.

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