Systems Staff Meeting Notes 05/11/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
May 11, 2004

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. ALEPH implementation this morning – overall, has gone remarkably well. No trouble with the client. Access possible. The place of most concern was the public areas. The Reference Desk had an IP problem – the IP at a Circ workstation reflected LAC. They could discharge, but not check out. The IP was originally associated with LAC and hadn’t been moved to ALEPH. Some discharging had to be done manually.
    The Circulation tables are working famously and the transfer of old data came through fine.
    There seems to be a behavior problem in ALEPH between W2K & XP machines. Betsy Simpson reported a problem this morning on an XP machine in that she could not sign-on if not logged in as administrator. Rich is researching this and has sent an email to the community college already using ALEPH to see if they’ve experienced this. Since various people in Resource Services can sign on at some machines and some can’t, it is more likely a local security problem. Need to investigate who set up the XP machines in that area.
    Things are, for the most part, humming along. Rich has been working with Jennifer Koontz at FCLA. Winston is working on the Patron Load Update. New students have not been added yet. Email addresses are not included yet – Winston is sending two files. Need to talk to Tigert this summer.
    Printing issues – no feedback yet - just some local things. Rich sent permissions problems to David.
  2. GatorLink is now handled by the same people who do the Web portal. Passwords must be strong and at least 8-characters long. Bill suggests exactly 8 characters because of legacy systems being used. It’s recommended that you change your password by the first week of June.
  3. PeopleSoft – Winston and Bill attended the 30-seat training session at the stadium. Had party crashers – there were 34 total. The session lasted most of the 3-3˝ hours and reviewed the new, online timecard system.
    The Libraries have not determined which method we will use: Weekly Punch Card or the Web Clock. At the moment we’re going with the Weekly Punch, in 15- minute increments when recording. The Directors may reconsider that decision.
    Overall, the system should reduce timecard errors. The entries will still go in on a Friday-Thursday, 40 hours- per-week basis.
    Non-timecard folks will use the same system for sick leave/vacation time.
    There may be confusion on the entering of leave – you use ‘Reporting Overtime’ section to request overtime, vacation. Etc. It is only a note keeping system. Everything must be approved.
    It will work best if you enter your time on a daily basis. Supervisors will be checking daily.
    The system does not update in real time, it is an overnight batch process. It runs after 5PM – runs one time – and then runs again 24 hours later. It does generate error reports.
    Supervisors can fix timecards, but they cannot approve it once they do. At that point it needs to go to another approver.
    The overnight batch process will run three different times on Friday morning, so there will be time to get any fixes into the system.
    The main thing is to make sure you enter your time daily. If you have someone else punch you in/out, there will be consequences. Staff will not be doing any training, except the online tutorials. Approvers are the only ones to get special training. There will be people in the Library who can approve all staff. Students will be entering their time online as well.
Review Minutes of 5/3/04
  1. RIR #2 – per Will, Encyclopedia Judaica is fixed. Took some voodoo, but it’s working.

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