Systems Staff Meeting Notes 04/05/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
April 5, 2004

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. The air vents in Systems are spewing nasty black debris (again).
  2. Winston rented a Bobcat (dump truck) over the weekend. He only dumped dirt on himself once!
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Much ordered! 50 Dells with flat panel monitors.
  2. Tablet PC ordered as the first component for the popcorn stand. Barbara Hood & Carol Turner are custom-configuring the stand, itself. The setup calls for a weatherproof computer and printer. The computer has been ordered, but no printer has been found yet. Bill turned down the request for the monkey.
  3. No more orders to be placed until August 2004. Anything received in the Systems queue will be forwarded on to Business Services.
  4. Encyclopedia Judaica – sent the bad media overnight (Fed Ex).
  5. Cataloger’s Desktop down – unable to cut/copy/paste.
  6. Geoffrey is working on a HD failure on a new machine – it’s only been out for 2 days or so.
  7. Facilities color printer at ALF – may have a bad memory chip.
  1. MSL – Docs – report of problem with the public workstations. They could not access off campus. Then, if they added http in front of the address, it would allow access. All the malfunctioning machines were imaged; when manually rebuilt, they work.
  2. Email – server switch thrown – ours was registered and works. There was a problem with the FCLA server registration - would only work on campus.
  3. Miniscule wiring project in Education is finished.
  4. Distribution of the last computer order: 39 have gone out.
  5. There are still reports of Jet Directs resetting and printing diagnostic pages. Firmware updates should be preventing this occurrence.
Software Projects Status
  1. Ying – worked out the negotiations for Zoning tools with Gus. Erich wants it integrated with GIMP. It’s better to make it standalone for now.
  2. Cynthia – moving the Windows interface to PGP encryption – making it easier to use.
  3. Public workstations – clearing IE History – no drop down, but auto complete. The key was not in the registry – needed key created. No privacy violation. It is now fixed.
  4. Changes to IRDB – dept codes – done.
  5. Spine label printing for ALEPH – should be done by July 1st.
  6. PGP encryption – no word.
Web Projects
  1. ALEPH STP load – job ran until Thursday – the linking program crashed the database engine. ExLibris is working on the problem in Israel. May 3 is the STP date. Fudge factor is rapidly being eaten up. Another stress test is scheduled for this week.

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