Systems Staff Meeting Notes 03/22/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 22, 2004

Present: Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Geoffrey managed to blow up his Insta-Hot water heater last night. Do not get air in the water lines if you own one.
  2. AC is not currently functioning in Systems. Air handler in room 16 is out. Call has been placed to Facilities.
  3. Server room AC – old AC not blowing cold air. May need to set it the old one higher than the new. They put a new compressor in outside.
  4. Bobbie had an old red oak tree cut down at her house and had it planked. It has to dry for 1½ years before it can be used.
  5. Bobbie’s stepdaughter is going to be a Gator! She has been admitted to UF. In addition, Carlton won free credit hours for her in the TEAMS lottery.
Review Minutes of 3/15/04
  1. RIR #1 – 50 computers have arrived.
  2. New student is named Brian, not Brain.
  3. SW #2 – encryption – Mike Conlon says that everything will undergo encryption. We’ll need to come up with a public key encryption.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. 50 machines are in – distribution list is being worked on. Has to be a 1-for-1 exchange. Will give departments through today to get back old machines. New machines are to go to staff – some old staff machines can go to the public, but we have to have a machine in return.
  2. There is agitation to buy monitor compliments due to Aleph scrolling. Preference is for flat panels. They want the biggest possible image, so the next batch will not be headless. We’ll probably be buying more monitors for machines that we already have.
  3. There will be a flurry of ordering soon – Accounting is anxious for the spending to stop.
  4. DLC L4 is broken (Linux box). It comes up, and then fails to respond. It is currently suspended – that’s OK, we have other boxes.
  1. Only registered servers (authenticated email) can go out on campus.
  2. Mysterious port swap – 3rd floor Com closet – ports swapped: one hot, one not. Need to figure out how this happened.
Software Projects Status
  1. New software project on the horizon – migrating recall data for FCLA.
  2. OCLC enviro scan – what should the Library do to deal with it? Lots of new stuff will be coming: publishing, selling our products.
  3. Ying – Map/GIS server project done for now – until the addition of more layers.
  4. Ying – mods on macros to get NOTIS to DLC tracking database.
  5. Hilton is switching DB script to Java script.
  6. Microsoft – may be taking over America Online, but they just got a $1.2 billion fine in Europe. Firefox – Geoffrey found an app at the Music Library,, that won’t recognize the plug-in. It does not work with Netscape 6.0 either. It’s GroveMusic that needs to adapt.

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