Systems Staff Meeting Notes 03/01/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 1, 2004

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Bill urges Ying to teach a badminton class.
  2. Rich went to see Michael McDonald in concert. Great show.
  3. Timecard announcement from Steve Shorb – anyone who read it deems that it was directed only at people who are currently using a time clock – therefore, it does not apply to us. We are currently under the State of Florida timecard rules, not UF.
  4. Security – Friday between 5:30-6:00 PM, bill found the fire escape door propped open with a rock. Obviously due to the workmen that have been in and out of Systems. This is a reminder for the last person to leave Systems to be sure to check all of the doors – to actually push on them to verify that they are secure.
  5. Rich notes that the loading dock door was not closing on its own this weekend. Ying adds that the south entrance door (by her office) is also still not closing authoritatively – even though Facilities came and worked on it last week. Debra will place another work order for both of these problems.
  6. Bill highlights two meetings from last week: Tech Services Steering Committee and TMT. TSSC: implementation proceeding as projected. There have been lots of trouble reports. NOTIS dialog will be frozen April 1. That is the last time FCLA will move the catalog over. After that, it will be someone else’s responsibility. TMT – meeting moved again to accommodate Steve Shorb, although he was not in attendance. Notices being sent out to people via storage retrieval - informs them that the items they requested are here. However, if they have requested multiple items, it does not clarify which items are available or if any item is unavailable. This needs to be rectified. The Alligator won’t run the Library press releases, but they did have a letter to the editor last Friday that bashed the unavailability of books. There is still concern regarding the lack of use of Library East. The concept of requesting items online and having them delivered is getting increasingly popular. Matthew Daley reports they are retrieving 1000 books per day. In addition, we are not losing as many books.
Review Minutes of 2/23/04
  1. TMT- Review #3 – there will be no Open House at ALF.
  2. Orders #1 - Started configuring order for new machines? Bill is working on it.
Moves/Construction Status
  1. Server Room – AC construction – AC is installed, waiting on electrical. They are currently finding the path and running the wires.
  2. Bill discovered on Friday that the right half of the quad electrical outlet under the microwave was not working. He moved the water cooler and microwave to the left side of the quad and they are functioning. Somehow the circuit for the right side is blown. It has been reported to Facilities. Rob notified Kraft Electric, but their phone was disabled! If you are aware of any electrical problems, notify Facilities. The fire alarm system has certainly been tested as of late.
  3. ALF com closet – Bobbie found that someone had removed her patch cord and replaced it with a different one. The closet belongs to CNS. No one should be in there. We are going to pull all of the spare wires out of the closet and bring our own, only when needed. Let Bill know if you see anyone in the com closets mucking about.
  4. The University is starting a new project to go to card swipes in all buildings on campus. The cards are going to replace keys. The police will be in charge of central video monitoring. Geoffrey notes they seem to be following the Shands model.
Ongoing Systems Updates
  1. WSID cleanup – stable. Everyone is back one that needs to be, with the exception of Rob Roberts’ laptop. Will is reinstalling it. There are 68 WSIDs that are not connected – either laptops or machines that have designated to go online in the future.
  2. In conjunction, Bill is conducting a User ID cleanup. He’s killed of 30-40 so far, disabling some and deleting anything from December 2002 that has not been used.
  3. AD – talk at the campus level, but no direction.
  4. Bill has been looking into open source quite a bit – may run Windows under Linux.
  5. Spyware, Attachware, Adware – more incidents of these programs appearing on workstations. Should we send out the removal to Liaisons? We’ll consider it - maybe push it from the server? Let’s take it on a case-by-case basis and see how bad it gets.
Software Projects Status
  1. Firefox – does not support VP Script. RealBasic is cross-platform: Win/Linux/Mac. We will evaluate it next. This will be a long haul – figuring out an open source browser. Hilton says Firefox is like a new version of Netscape. With open source, we can make changes in lots of places. We’ll keep plugging away at this. There’s really no way to get away from MS on the server side – and we rarely have trouble with the servers – it always the client side. This year, Linux is making a push to the desktop. Hackers will always target the biggest users.
  2. Mods to Services Request are finished.
  3. One Storage Retrieval issue – Mac users using Safari had problems. Could not reproduce the problem, but could generally figure out what was wrong – made the change and it is now working.
  4. Ying is working on Aerial demo – is wrapping it up.
  5. TomCat is working as it should.
  6. Changes to the Web page that departments use to look at OPS costs and summary – requested by Cathy Mook. The changes have been integrated.
  7. Live Qual survey coming up – Robert Shaddy is in charge. First one goes out March 17.
  8. Small changes to SysLog and Current Net.
Web Projects
  1. Bill is about to fiddle around with the Perl script for forms-to-mail.
DP Coordinator
  1. Nikia is no longer working in Systems.
  2. Spring Break is next week, March 8-12. No students – please answer phones.
  3. Jessica is looking for a replacement student.

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