Systems Staff Meeting Notes 01/26/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
January 26, 2004

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Geoffrey and Winston had a door collision experience.
  2. Space Mountain, Tokyo – measurement was .86mm off – car derailed. Metric System discussion ensued.
  3. Patriot Act meeting synopsis delivered by Cynthia.
Review Minutes of 1/12/04
  1. RIR #1 – Fax modems received. The one for BDF was delivered to Hang SooHoo.
LC Recap
  1. Library Web page – Tom Minton has made revisions on the design – he is open to suggestions and has created it in template format. UF has no content management yet. It is designed extraordinarily plain to accommodate multiple browsers. The standard does not support tables. Bill foresees changes on the horizon. Our apps are not considered to be a Web site.
    Minutes of the October LC meeting were approved.
    There was a forty-five minute discussion regarding what to name DOT. Could not reach a consensus; it will not be officially named for a while.
    The next issue tackled was tenure and promotion.
    Transition status – it was stated that, “renovations are done and ready to go” at DOT. Bobbie says it seems as though construction is still ongoing out there. The bookshelves are still going up and she thinks some wiring is still in progress. There are big machines parked outside and painting may/may not yet be done by Facilities. Facilities has the keys to the place. Books are scheduled to move from West to DOT starting February 2. All staff are supposed to be out of West by Jan. 26 (today). At this time, people are still over there. Erich suggested that we digitize all retrieved items. Not likely, may scan the table of contents for all moved books.
TMT Recap
  1. Problems a few weekends ago – the van was at the shop for maintenance, Access Services was unaware – had to scramble for the van log. In addition, the keys for the book drop were misplaced - it was overflowing - they had to wheel book trucks across the plaza. Needless to say, we are definitely going through growing pains.
    ALEPH implementation – we’re going with version 15 – no upgrades for two years. Some places in the state will be using version 16.
    MetaLib (ExLibris) - training in February – searching with multiple databases.
    NOTIS catalog will be closed in March for additions. Everyone is stressed out with the adjustments to the workflow. Retrieval requests are heavy, even on the weekends – contrary to past patterns.
    PeopleSoft Training – Trudi will summon us to the appropriate sessions.
Ongoing Systems Updates
  1. Investigating secured shell FTP installed on a public workstation – all should be disabled.
  1. Server Room renovation – Brad and John identified places for the power installation. Said they would come back in a few days – maybe this week? No progress on the AC.
  2. Inventory software – is working fine, finding 700+.
  3. Patch software – you do need to restart your computer if you get a message that a patch has been pushed out to your machine. Need to get rid of serial updates.
Software Projects Status
  1. Facilities Inventory – no further word.
  2. Storage Retrieval – it’s been two weeks – seems to be successful. It allows multiple requests from IE, Netscape and Mac. Single page request required only if the browser is below Netscape 5 or IE 4. If the browser used looks bad, they are directed to use the single request. Have not heard any complaints – which is a good thing.
    Lori and John Van Hook informed Winston this morning that users are reporting that they think they have submitted a request but haven’t. What seems to be happening is that they are getting to the summary page and failing to hit the final submission button. Solution will be to make it submit and summarize on the same page.
  3. Map/GIS – Erich, Stephanie, Mark and Ying discussed dropdowns and entry buttons in ARC IMS.
  4. DLC Tracking database on hold.
  5. SysRequest – new version about to be released – enables Systems staff to request items for other departments while requiring their departmental approval and enabling them to keep track.
  6. FilmLog and FRDI – DBase tables to SQL tables to alleviate space problems.
Web Projects
  1. Space on LibWeb2 – down to half GIG.

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