Systems Staff Meeting Notes 01/12/04

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
January 12, 2004

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
Moves/Construction Status
  1. BDF PoP – OIT does not want to pay for it ($8-$40,000 per year). PPD does not want to pay for the electricity (estimated summertime: $12,000 per year). We have problems, negotiations continue – need to find the cash to cover it.
    Work on BDF could not start until last Friday morning. They are currently working on it. Cost model for the wall plate has been revised – down to $5 per port from $8. Now you have to pay for all wiring – revisions included. Ports will be VOIP enabled.
    LAD – also needs a PoP. We’ll need to do retrieval from there. Need to get an estimate. West Vending Machine Kiosk – will be disrupted by construction, but the revenue is a necessity – so, a plywood structure will be constructed on the breezeway to house the vending machines.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Fax modems on order. Should be here today or tomorrow.
  2. Brad’s laptop is in. Geoffrey is setting it up.
  3. May try to get a tablet PC for the Reference desk – it sits flat – less bulky than swinging monitors and more friendly.
  1. Patron called in from an IFAS extension facility – was unable to access anything – had been passed around from several help desks - turned out her Ethernet was unplugged.
  2. Received another call – patron reporting an Ebook problem – it opens a series of pages then crashes. It is something that Rich would normally deal with, but Bill is looking into it for now.
  1. Spam misuse in MSL – on a Documents public machine. Person applied for a temporary user ID with us (and used the same ID on a Yahoo account) to send out commercial spam. The person does not appear to be from the UF community, although he may be offspring. CNS asked if we have our patrons sign the Acceptable Use policy. We will now add a statement to the Privacy Notice (that currently appears on public machines) to the effect that all use of the Library machines must be in accordance to UF’s AUP. Bill would like that up and running today. Need to notify liaisons – in case there are questions – they will need to reboot.
  2. Server room – no word on AC and power – need to try to find out when/what – will they be putting the security console in there, etc?
  3. SiteKeeper installed – ran scan – it is supposed to give a list of hardware & software inventory. Some did not show the manufacturer, listed 547 for the number of CPUs (should be closer to 700-800). We’ll reiterate to the liaisons to leave all machines turned on at all times and inform them we will do spot inspections.
  4. Bobbie is trying to straighten out the IP list for the 54 subnet. If the Systems staff could please email her their WSID and IP address, that would be helpful.
Software Projects Status
  1. Storage Retrieval – the software crew was totally consumed by it last week. Monday they had to get a Mac version available within two hours. They are currently trying to get the same functionality with both versions. Had good luck with Netscape, but the MAC IE 5.2 is problematic (real bad formatting). This is under investigation to determine the cause – in the meantime, they have a version that is placating them. Staff side – asked for a new report to help sort the information into groups for the returning books from BDF to be shelved and picked up by patrons. Demoed it to Jim Stevens this morning – looks like it will work.
  2. Facilities – no service requests received for the Inventory Program.
  3. Ying started back on GIS – the project Mark is working on – moving table data – quality control for the image.
  4. Patron updates ran – 43,500 students for spring.
Web Projects
  1. Tom sent out an announcement regarding the new format for the Web site.
DP Coordinator
  1. Students – the only time there is a vacancy in the Systems student coverage is during this particular hour (when the System meeting occurs). Everyone has a fourth period class.

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