Systems Staff Meeting Notes 12/22/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
December 22, 2003

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Bobbie Meng, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Working retail at Christmas time is no fun!
Moves/Construction Status
  1. We had removed all of the public machines from West on Friday. Then it was determined that they needed 6 public machines available for finding books. They will remain in place until 12/24. Staff will be working Jan 2-5, but books will not be retrievable on those 2 days. Starting Jan 6, books will be retrievable at BDF.
  2. There is a graduate student who is stirring up a movement to have an open location where books can be browsed – wants UF to spend the money for it. They only place that hold that many books is the old Kmart building on 13th Street. That would cost $5-6 million, it’s up to $1.3 million now for BDF.
  3. The Libraries are mounting a PR campaign to demonstrate how to browse call numbers online – an electronic surrogate to hands-on book browsing.
  4. The location of the book drops has been announced on the online Library News video feed. If anyone wants to volunteer for such duty (video announcer), contact John Ashcraft.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders – need to check on status of the laptop on order for Brad (Facilities).
  2. Two printers arrived for John Ingram and Steve Shorb – they need longer USB cables.
  3. New Dells – have USB mice, but PS2 keyboards.
  4. Bill had a long discussion with Erich regarding some of his outstanding orders: upgrading disk capacity on NT 12 & 19, the request for 27 Adobe Photoshop & central defrag software.
  1. Systems server room renovation – wiring started today. Brad is out sick, so no power.
  2. MSL wiring is finished – DOT is the only open project. Response from Cox regarding DOT – it is close to their fiber loop – no money estimate. GRU quoted $40,000 per year – full duplex.
  3. Room 16 – Johnson Metasys – cancelled, now taking it to the server room.
  4. Bill submitted a version of security guidelines.
Software Projects Status
  1. SysRequest – attachments are working, printer-friendly version in process.
  2. Storage Retrieval – testing on Friday was disastrous – five minutes before the test, Hilton and Cynthia made a ‘small’ change that managed to break periodicals. They got that fixed, but there were errors in the author fields reported – made them unrestricted characters. Additional info field required for Microfilm, present but not required for books and not required for others. There were complaints from people that it would not work with browsers other than IE. Will make a very basic page to request one item from other browsers. This whole thing needs to be up and running by Jan 2nd.
  3. DLC – Map/GIS – Ying received an email about something not working – seems to be a JAVA script problem.
  4. Ying met with Erich and Stephanie on Wednesday – Stephanie wanted the Web site up and running by the end of November, but she did not inform Ying of the deadline.
  5. ARC-MLS – Ying informed them that if they change from the plain vanilla code it will cause problems – it will restrict them to that version – they won’t be able to upgrade. Once they realized all that, they threw away all of Ying’s work and returned to the basic version.
  6. Ying will go back to working on the DLC Tracking database. DLC will add a time-limited programmer to work on this as well. He/she will report to Winston, but located in DLC. They are looking for someone with C-Sharp skills.
  7. ALEPH training sessions in January – intensive training and documentation for Will and others to attend.
  8. MAP to OPAC interface – can be removed – there has been no mention of it in a long while.

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