Systems Staff Meeting Notes 11/03/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
November 3, 2003

Present: Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Server room AC – they will be installing a small, 2-ton auxiliary unit which will hang from the wall. It should not take up space and they should be installing it any day now. The agreement is that as soon as the construction on West is completed, this unit will be removed and something more up-to-regulation will be installed.
Moves/Construction Status
  1. BDF – no news.
  2. Early HSS&S move – they want to do it a week ahead of time. We’ll try to accommodate, not under VOIP. The CNS crew can’t start until November 20. The earliest we can be done wiring for computers and phones is December 8th – they want to move December 9th. They were originally scheduled to move on December 17th.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Printer problems in Documents – prompting for password – need to fix print queues. New server may handle this better than NT3 did. The queue was timing out, not the printer.
  2. Bobbie spotted a phone jumper in room 308 – the phone people are stealing data ports. Need to check with them and see what’s going on.
  3. Prime Recognition software would not run on a DC machine. There was 99% (10 Gig) free space - but it could not defrag. Three-fourths of the Terrabyte server is empty. Bill has never seen a drive so fragmented.
  1. Security servers – Johnson control box will be housed in the server room – it will need phone wire. Metasys and security servers are still on ARC net.
  2. Driver replacement problem – elsewhere, not so much here. A Gateway 4200 in Education did pull Intel drivers when doing the critical updates. The automated critical update is set to download and install. The problem also occurred in Facilities. The Libraries have agreed to purchase Patch Management Software – still negotiating with UF Software Licensing Services.
  3. DNS server – Will is working on it under W2K. Next he will bring over the config files and disconnect from upstream.
  4. We will be buying an 800-client access license for Server 2003. Domain name change forthcoming. Will be using the ‘tug’ method for this conversion.
Software Projects Status
  1. SQL server move – Thanksgiving weekend.
  2. Winston emailed Joe Aufmuth regarding the JAVA servlet engine. He got no reply. Erich thinks we’ve already ordered it. Accounting may have paid for it, it may be encumbered – the grant has expired. There is a free product that may address their needs – Winston has Joe evaluating it.
  3. Storage Retrieval – demoed on Wednesday. Cynthia and Hilton both attended. It is done for now.
  4. Ying – Aerial changes – they will demo tomorrow to the review committee.
  5. Working on reports for FRDI.
  6. ALEPH – in flux.
Web Projects
  1. Although not yet officially announced, Tom Minton has been hired to take over the Web master duties, part-time, while Suzy is on sabbatical.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Early timecard deadline. TEAMS folks, don’t forget to submit your slip to cash out your annual leave. Cash out by 12/4 on 12/12 paycheck.

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