Systems Staff Meeting Notes 10/27/03

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
October 27, 2003

Present: Rich Bennett, Cynthia Bowker, Will Chaney, Bill Covey, Debra Fetzer, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Hilton Soto, Geoffrey Stewart, Ying Tang
  1. Keep up with the Systems calendar: this week, Rich, Will and Winston will be out for ALEPH training.
  2. Ying is back!
  3. Bill received a round of applause when he announced that the job possibility in Auburn is off.
Moves/Construction Status
  1. BDF – Bobbie, Bill, Business Services, BellSouth, CNS and Burns Brothers met out at the facility. Construction is proceeding as they go. Com closet model is being held as the standard – wall plate installation. They’ll have to get us 100mg feeds. BellSouth is trenching to install conduit – but there is no place to take it to, other than the storm drain. They hit ground water under the parking lot. They plan on repairing the draining system.
  2. North tower reconfig – Room 1: wiring project is lined up and ready to go, but we need the conduit run by the electricians. No estimated date.
  3. Transition Monitoring Team – we will be using professional movers to move the books. Moving dates scheduled for Jan 15 – Feb 15.
  4. People are in transition – it is a continual process.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Orders – are going out: software, printers. One printer (with JetDirect) is for the Reclass Project in Resource Services (Doug Smith).
  2. ALPS printers – out. No third party servicing. Has to be repaired by them.
  3. Broken DLC scanner – need RMA. Pay-by-the-minute diagnostics. Microtek 9600XL. Need to find out if that machine was one that was supposed to have been replaced.
  4. Mysterious driver replacement – MS replacing OEM – shouldn’t be happening. If you’re noticing weird occurrences after running critical updates, let Geoffrey know.
  1. Rash of W2K boxes changing DNS servers. Can do substitutions. This has been reported in epidemic proportions elsewhere; no reports of it in the Libraries as of yet. Please notify if you see it happening.
  2. MSL printer problems - wall plate – all could be DHCP. We did have problems with reverse lookup – some won’t work unless it is active. Printers that are turned off are dropping the DHCP and the IPs expire. Have to reinstall on the servers LPR and define with static IP on the printers to get them back up.
  3. Active Directory – starting to roll. Campus plan won’t work for us – we need to do it ourselves. We’ll use a Windows 2003 server base. Refinement – migrate off the UNIX box for DNS – point printers to DNS – will take care of problem. DDNS on new box will map NetBios name. This has horrible implications – we’ll have to rename the domain! Two choices: IP domain or Windows domain. The Windows domain will become UFLIB, same as the IP domain. Changing the domains on the servers means a total reinstall of W2K. We need to go to Win 2003 anyway. NT is going out of active support. Replacement of Exchange 2000 – based on 2003 technology. All AD based – group policy through AD. Open interfaces – mutual trust if needed – sharing on Admin through UF Portal – no advantage to centralize. First step will be the DNS server. Theoretically, we can always perform an upgrade. We’ll get lots of practice. Will need all new client access licenses. SQL server – new version, new licenses.
  4. We are currently negotiating with Soda Shoppe (now UF Software Licensing Services) to get patch-pushing software. DOS patches, hot fixes – no agent checker required, no liaison intervention necessary. Should know this week.
  5. Fire situation on the West coast may cause some communications problems and/or site closings.
Software Projects Status
  1. SQL server – will be moved from Library West to East sometime before Christmas. Perhaps Thanksgiving weekend.
  2. Java server engine for DLC – Joe Aufmuth/GIS.
  3. Storage Retrieval – met with Lori Driscoll – she has added requirements. She wants to demo it at PSC on Wednesday. Cynthia will attend.
  4. FRDI – Cathy Mook has some new requirements.
  5. SysRequest - email notification enhanced.
Web Projects
  1. No resolution on the Web Master position – the last candidate turned it down. The position is still technically open, but they are not actively searching.
  2. Suzy will be out on sabbatical next semester. She will be out on vacation most of the time between now and the end of the year (before the sabbatical). At the moment, there are no provisions to cover her work in her absence.
Student and Department Happenings
  1. Paycheck distribution – will now be available to be picked up via a satellite office (to alleviate the trip up the stairs to the 4th floor).
  2. The mail situation is totally up in the air right now. Unknown when the route will change. The current plan is that the mail will be delivered (sorted by department) to the back end of the East Conference room and we will make the pickup daily. Should probably start in December.
  3. Nicole Holt will be out Monday – Wednesday this week. She has the morning shift (8-11AM).

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